Actress Yashma Gill Opens Up About Returning To Islam From Atheism!


Actress Yashma Gill Opens Up About Returning To Islam From Atheism!


Yashma Gill, Alif’s star recently revealed her journey back to Allah SWT after being lost, in a candid interview with Samina Peerzada on her show Rewind with Samina Peerzada. So many Muslims go through the same phase that Yashma went through, questioning the existence of God, feeling sad and losing hope and trust in the Almighty.

Yashma Gill On Being Athiest
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Those weak in emaan when struck with trials and tribulations, find it hard to go through the tests without falling victim to depression, hopelessness, and loss of trust in the most high.

Yashma’s story isn’t far from this. She too was going through a tough phase in her life where she almost stopped believing in the existence of Allah, becoming an Athiest. While talking to Samina, Yashma said, “I used to over-analyze everything, making sure not to offend anyone and being nice to everyone, but getting hurt myself regardless of that. It reached a point that I lost faith. I used to say to myself that ‘no if there was someone up there then I wouldn’t be suffering so much’,” 

Samina with Yashma Gill
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Furthermore, she said, “When your iman  (faith) is weak, a veil falls cover your mind and, even if someone is answering your questions, you do not understand anything”

However, meeting a girl named Warda during her studies in Australia changed her life!

Yashma explains how at first she avoided Warda assuming her to be a typical judgemental and hypocritical Muslima who would scrutinize her. However, with some encounters, she discovered Warda to be the opposite and very understanding; who later played the role of a savior for Yashma!

Speaking about Warda, Yashma said, “She used to be a hijabi and when I saw her I thought, that I am definitely not getting along with her because she is such a staunch Muslim, she will judge me. So I started ignoring her. But she was such a nice person, she never judged me. She understood me and my problems and started explaining things to me through my perspective,”

Yashma Gill's Atheist Story
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Then started Yashma’s journey to re-discover Allah, Islam and her own soul’s peace. She was asked by her new friend to pray five times a day and fast regularly. Yashma continued to give her best trying to understand every verse she dwelled into, only to meet a dead end, or so she thought. Her restlessness grew and she cried in front of Wardah for not being revealed anything by the Almighty.

Then one day, it all comes to her and she finds eternal inner peace!

One day she is struck with a realization that he tells Samina in her own words, saying, “My life had become very happy and positive. But I hadn’t realized that at that time. I just kept on wondering what is missing. And then I realized that maybe all this time, the peace, the dependency, the happiness that I was in search of in other places, was actually over here,”

In Yashma’s words, “the answer lay simply in trusting God.” For the souls that are struck with deep sadness and find it hard to believe that Allah is listening to their duas, just hang on to Him. This world is made to disappoint you and to test you but never give on Allah SWT! This too shall pass…

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