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Yasir Hussain & Iqra Aziz Have Officially Kicked Off Their Honeymoon!


The freshly married couple Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have commenced this year with their honeymoon. The couple tied the knot on December 28, 2019, and received much praise and best wishes from plenty of celebrities and fans.

Now, the couple took to Instagram to post a sweet picture of each other standing before a dazzling scenery consisting of luscious trees and an aqua-blue sky, showing the couple enjoying their honeymoon. 

The couple also updated their social media with pictures of each other on new year’s, and wished each other well for this year. They captioned their posts with lovely words hoping that the New Year would treat them kindly and they would receive the opportunity to achieve their goals and ambitions. 

Here is a post that Iqra updated on New Year’s paired with an affectionate caption,

“Happy New Year everyone. I hope and wish we all accomplish our New Year resolutions this year too.”  The newly married pair seems to be hugging it out while clothed in warm and cozy clothes. 

Almost at the end of the post, she tagged her husband, indirectly mentioning him to be the love of her life, and how lucky she felt to be married to him. 

After being all lovey-dovey on their social media for New Year’s, Hussain updated with a gorgeous picture of Aziz adorned in a casual black t-shirt and regular jeans with the caption, “Hathon mai hath liye

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hathon mai hath liye 🤗 @iiqraaziz

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Then, Aziz uploaded a post dedicated to her husband, smiling widely while holding his hands. She decided to caption it with, “chaly yun hi karwana” 

The couple appears to be communicating with each other through song lyrics and completing each other’s verses. Fans also decided to stay respectful and ensured to share the couple’s happiness, instead of bringing up past controversies of the couple.

Yasir Hussain Honeymoon Destination

Though, the location seems typical enough for a mainstream vacation or honeymoon, it is still unclear as to where the couple went. They didn’t disclose their whereabouts and stayed subtle about the trip whatsoever.

However, the puzzle seems to be unraveled through a video by Hussain. It showed Aziz and him at the airport. Aziz can be seen communicating with a small girl who, according to Hussain’s caption, is a fan of the actress. 

She asks the young fan on whether she would be leaving her cousins in Karachi and vacationing in Dubai, while the child smiles and stays star-struck by the celebrity. The mention of Dubai hints at the possibility that the couple could’ve chosen it as a possible location for their honeymoon. What do you think?

It wouldn’t stay as a surprise as well because plenty of Pakistani celebrities and even the general public prefers Dubai or other Middle Eastern countries as desirable travel spots. 

Whatever the location of the honeymoon might be, it seems that the celebrity couple is having the time of their lives. They are taking a proper break from their entertainment schedules and resting well to kick off this year successfully.  

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