Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz Wedding

Yasir Hussain Shares Details About His Simple And Low-Cost Wedding!


Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are celebrating their Valima today. It has been a journey for these two love-birds; from vacations together to now tying the knots officially belonging to each other. Of course, this Pakistani showbiz couple has been at the receiving end of trolling, but nothing has made them undo the love they have for each other.

Unlike some celebrity weddings, theirs was a pleasant surprise. Keeping it small as possible with a party-vibe; much like Yasir and Iqra. Their Mehendi dances to beautiful Nikkah ceremony definitely became the highlight of every Pakistani’s day. Further, today they celebrated their Valima ceremony and again, Iqra looked ethereal.

Yasir and Iqra out of habit didn’t wait long to post exclusive pictures on Instagram with loving captions. In addition, she also changed her name on Instagram from Iqra Aziz to Iqra Aziz Hussain. It is almost their love has been renewed, only this time with the grace of Almighty. Beautiful.

Yasir’s advice on economical-weddings.

Yasir Hussain left advice on making marriage easier on the pockets. He shared on his Instagram about his original plans, which were to marry within his house, but the guest list made him take the matters to the shaadi halls.

He wrote, “bhaiyon aur behno.. shadi itni mushkil cheez nahi hai jitna hum ne mil k usy bana dia hai . mai ne shadi gher mai hi karni thi magar choti jagah ki wajah se gher se bahar shift ki. hum ne aik dosry ki families ko koi ghairzaroori gifts nahi diye.. jahez nahi lia. bari nahi bani. fazool zevraat pe paisy kharch nahi kiye. nikah khwan k 8000 aur khana hasb e istetaat. shadi bus yehi hai . apny gher walon pe rehem karen aur Shadi ko asaan banaen”

In a nutshell, they omitted all traditions attached to the desi wedding which includes exchanging of expensive gifts within both families. Neither did they take dowry or give the bride’s bari.

Here’s the original post.

With Shahroz and Syra news circulating, this post is a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope for those who almost lost their trust in love and the beautiful institution of marriage. Nothing compares when two people come together in an Islamic union.

Pakistani weddings have become a source of earning for major decor and venue businesses. The extravagance has become associated to status, which everyone seeks regardless of their financial standing. However, with these celebrities reviving the Islamic way of Nikkah; which exudes simplicity – maybe many couples will gravitate towards the simple wedding.

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