10 Reasons Why Guys Aren’t Falling for You And It’s Not Even Your Fault!


You think that you are amazing at one moment and you get swamped with insecurities the next moment when you think about getting in a relationship. You don’t want to believe all the negative things your brain says but it leaves you thinking for a second about maaaybe the negative voice in your mind is right, maaaybe you don’t deserve good things in life and that is why you are single. Untrue, this isn’t a haram article about telling you how to make guys fall for you, basically, it’s about you putting yourself out there in the world for your own good, so you don’t end up missing on good moments in life.

Here are 10 reasons why no ones falling for you…

1. You yourself are lost


You don’t know what you want or you find it difficult loving yourself. If you don’t know who you are than undoubtedly it’s going to be difficult at finding what you want in the person you want to be with. To find your soulmate you need to seriously do some soul searching first then step out in the world.

2. You have never seen a relationship last long and stay healthy

So all you have seen is people falling out of relationships too fast, too furious or either is going through divorces and divorces. If it’s not in front of you then you are hearing stories about it which leaves you having very unhealthy expectations or thoughts regarding relationships and never having a belief in yourself that you can actually make it last.

3. Which leads to you thinking that you don’t deserve love

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Maybe it’s insecurities or low-self esteem issues. Maybe you don’t like your hair, maybe you have bad skin, either it’s you not liking your shape or anything of that outer beauty. But regardless of all that, you are freaking hot and you have to own it to believe it, that’s the only way to have inner confidence which would shine overall and show in everything that you do.

4. No one knows that you actually want to be in a relationship


It’s always the rejection first before consideration. It’s always the push and pulls, coming off as either closed off or not in the state of a relationship. It could be you bashing relationships all the time or it could either be you spraying love-bug killing spray around when you see couples. Or you playing too hard to get, do play a little hard to get, never settle for less but not as much that you seem uninterested. Do make intentions clear….or semi-clear.

5. Assuming that every guy is a F**boy


Well, we all have been through that, either experience or our friends are like that or we know people like that. And we all kinda hate it, a lot. After meeting a few too many people like that we start to miss out on the good guys thinking every other guy is going to be a f**boy, we end up friend-zoning the good ones as well. So watch out for the good ones.

6. Giving up when things get tough


Giving up when arguments happen or maybe he’s busy a little too often and doesn’t give you complete attention. Either reply late to a text or there’s a misunderstanding happening and you approach it with, ”… I don’t think it’s working anymore”. No, try to solve problems instead of creating them.

7. Don’t rely on online dating

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Other than the obvious catfish, creating relations online gives a false perspective and a lot of expectations. Believe it or not, you can carry it online as well but just keep it limited to social media/texts/calls, is actually like being in a relationship with your phone. Well, acceptable if it’s long distance.

8. Don’t come on too strong


Okay, so you end up really liking a person, there’s a thin fine line balancing either coming off too strong or seem not interested at all. If you have kept your insecurities aside, also don’t consider about how much of an experience you have with relationships, unless you know what you want out of a relationship or love (if it’s not that far-fetched).

9. Don’t try to be someone you are not

Don’t try too hard or change yourself entirely to the liking of the person you crush on. Don’t forget that what gets you attracted to people is you being your unique self. So don’t change yourself or your choices for someone to like you, aren’t there already clones like that, people who we call fake. Be you and see how people will fall for you.

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