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Soha Naveed1 week

How Girls React When They Find Out Their Partner Cheated on Them

In a relationship, trust and loyalty are two very important components. Without these two, a relationship seems more like a ...

Fatima Naz1 week

10 Reasons Why Guys Aren’t Falling for You And It’s Not Even Your Fault!

You think that you are amazing at one moment and you get swamped with insecurities the next moment when you ...

Fatima Naz3 weeks

Anoushey Ashraf finally reveals her Significant other and Pakistanis are overjoyed!

Anoushey Ashraf is a famous Pakistani VJ, actress, a model and also has been hosting on Pakistani platform. Anoushey started her ...

Fatima Naz4 weeks

5 Ways To Make Your Husband Fall In love With You Everyday All Over Again

In the beginning, it’s all butterflies, life seems amazing. You are off to composing text messages, worrying about what to wear ...

Soha Naveed1 month

3 Reasons Why Your Partner Should Not Be Your BFF

Of the many #CoupleGoals, your significant other being your Best Friend Forever is one. We see many wedding picture captions ...

Sarah Pearl Burhan4 months

Here’s What Your Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Tell You

You know that moment of complete and utter confusion when you’re a newly wed bride and your mother-in-law just doesn’t ...

Sheza Ashraf5 months

8 Couples Ranked the BEST According to Zodiac Signs

In the process of getting married, there comes a point in everyone’s life when you want to search about your ...

Sarah Pearl Burhan5 months

6 Hilariously Weird Signs That Your Relationship Has Gone To The Next Level

Have you been dating that special someone for a while now? Are you two incredibly comfortable with each other? We’re ...

Amir Alam6 months

Dear Husband, I love The Personal Letters You Send Me

Writing personal letters is often considered as a lost art. However, writing a letter is always a better way of ...

Sheza Ashraf6 months

Have a Crush? Here are 10 Things He/She Does to Annoy You

Love is a feeling that can happen to anybody, anyplace, at any instance. One moment you are perfectly fine and ...

Soha Naveed7 months

Here’s What You Can Do When Everyone Around You Is Either Getting Married Or Having Kids!

There comes a time in your life, that very phase in which you will find yourself in a position you ...

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