A Woman Without A Duppatta Was Not Allowed to Enter Civil Secretariat and It Has Caused a Debate Nationwide!


A Woman Without A Duppatta Was Not Allowed to Enter Civil Secretariat and It Has Caused a Debate Nationwide!


What a woman chooses to wear is always a debate in our country. From moral policing to talking about it religiously, before people take a peak on the own deeds, you will see them crawling in the mentions of a Pakistani woman who wishes to dress the way it pleases her.

Allah has always told us that the deeds His people perform are between Him and His people. Then why do people start commenting on others, especially when it comes to women?

Speaking of dupatta, the nation is currently addressing this VERY important matter because of the incident which took place.

Caught On Video (Because Otherwise No One Would’ve Believed her) Sidra Butt was Denied Entry at the Minister’s Block, Civil Secretariat Lahore Because Of No Dupatta

The guard of the building told Sidra Butt she would not be allowed to enter the building because she was not wearing a dupatta. The guard quoted the example of another girl who was not allowed in the building because she was not dressed in an ‘appropriate’ manner.

Sidra Butt continuously demanded if this rule is present in writing or not. The guards then stated that Dr. Yasmin Rashid is the one who passed this rule and told the guards not to allow women without dupatta to enter.

Here’s the Video Sidra Recorded Secretly

As mentioned in the video, the guard named Yasmin Rashid, which is why people wanted to know if she really passed this rule or not.

On the Other Hand, Pakistanis Were Talking About How There Are Bigger Issues in this Country Other Than How Women Dress

Sums Up Right


Also, Yasmin Rashid Denied Giving Any Such Orders to the Guards of the Facility

And She Made Following Tweets As Well On the Same Matter

Glad Dr. Yasmin Rashid cleared the air and spoke on the matter. If it were true, she obviously would’ve stayed firm on her beliefs and may have advocated her opinion.

Nonetheless, if a woman with or without the dupatta threatens manhood, maybe the Lahore Secretariat needs to hire men who can keep it together.


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