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Mahnoor Aslam1 week

Women Share Bizarre Things They Got to Hear When They Were ‘Pregnant’!

We did a mini-survey recently, where we asked many women what weird things did they get to hear when they ...

Ariba2 weeks

Listen Up, Ladies! Here are the Things you Don’t need to Give a F*ck About

Hey, you! Yes, I’m talking to you. How many times have you cried over things that aren’t in your control? You’ve ...

Soha Naveed2 weeks

This Girl Projected How It Is Actually Like to be a Woman in Pakistan and It Seems Pretty Accurate!

When you come across stories regarding a woman who experienced some sort of harassment on the street, you will see ...

Ariba3 weeks

This Girl Just Toured Pakistan on Her Motorbike and Recorded a Beautiful Side of our Country

Previously, Guliafshan Tariq traveled through the most conservatives areas of Pakistan on a motorbike to secure herself a mention in ...

Umaima Tahir3 months

“Before marriage, my fiancé asked me if I smoked-after a long pause I replied…” – an Open Letter by a Female Smoker to Everyone Who Judges

I started smoking occasionally when I was about eighteen. I used to smoke in hiding as I was scared of ...

Ariba3 months

This Video Perfectly Portrays what a Mother Suffering from Postpartum Depression Feels Like

Postpartum depression (PPD) is a struggle. Not just for the new mom, but for her whole family. It is actually ...

Urooj Gulamani4 months

Why is the Birth of a Girl in Pakistan Still Considered a Taboo?

Without a doubt, children are an immense blessing from the Almighty for the blessed couples and in return, they should ...

Ariba4 months

It’s ‘Cruelty’ to Separate a Married Man from Parents but rather a ‘Tradition’ when it comes to Women

In a society where a few women are still struggling to get equal rights as men, nowadays, a girl is ...

Myeda Jawwad4 months

Here’s what Society had to say When My Son Didn’t Speak at the Right Age

Living in a typical middle-class Pakistani society, where myths, Nazar, and Jadoo follow more than religion is pretty hard. Yes, ...

Anonymous5 months

Want to Save Someone’s Mother, Daughter or Sister from Sexual Abuse? Teach Your Son about Huquq-ul-Ibaad

Another taboo but important subject which needs to be discussed. Let’s talk about the causes of abuse. Sexual abuse! A rapist isn’t just a mentally ...

Sheza Ashraf5 months

Meet Marium – The Founder Of Penwoman Association Whose Only Motto Is “Pick Your Pen, Write and Earn”

It’s not always your high grades that make you stand out of thousands, sometimes it’s about your creative mind. Pakistan ...

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