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Mahnoor AslamNovember 6, 2018

Ushna Shah Celebrating Diwali Just Triggered The Morale Brigade And Sab Over Hogaye!

Ushna Shah the “Alif Allah Aur Insaan” actor who got fame after her role as a beggar and later as ...

Saqib AmirOctober 26, 2018

This Pakistani Guy Shares How His Wife Is Still “Uncomfortable” Around Him After 2 Years Of Marriage

Two years ago, when I got married, I had really no clue about what is coming next in my life. My ...

Mahnoor AslamOctober 20, 2018

This Woman’s Badtameezi With Police After Being Caught For Driving Without A Number Plate Is A Little Too Much

In the past many years, when the law enforcement and judiciary was facing it’s worst time, all the Pakistanis did was ...

Soha NaveedOctober 20, 2018

A Woman Without A Duppatta Was Not Allowed to Enter Civil Secretariat and It Has Caused a Debate Nationwide!

What a woman chooses to wear is always a debate in our country. From moral policing to talking about it ...

Mahnoor AslamOctober 12, 2018

This Woman Was Severely Beaten By Her In-laws And Her Story Is Spine-Chilling!

Woman are oppressed and suppressed and are made to stay silent if they bear any pain. Harassment of any nature ...

Zakia NadirSeptember 27, 2018

This Girl Shares A Heartbreaking Story Of Her Rare Disease And How She’s Fighting It

Nearly 3 years ago, my life totally changed. I was diagnosed with a severe type of pulmonary hypertension, primary pulmonary ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 25, 2018

Anchor Rabia Anum Surprises Her Fans With A Good News And Everyone’s Beyond Excited!

With work, education, and tons of other things in life, there are certain joys of life which everyone cherishes to ...

Sana NazSeptember 17, 2018

Meet Neel Ahmed: The Epitome Of Feminine Poetry

Neel Ahmed is Pakistan’s modern-day poetess. There is no doubt that she is the epitome of modern feminine poetry. She ...

Roohi YousufAugust 27, 2018

This Muslim Woman Claims She Was Forced To Show Her Menstrual Pad To TSA Agents And It Is Absolutely Cruel!

You might have come across stories where people, well especially Muslims have usually have been asked to step aside while ...

Mahnoor BaigJuly 28, 2018

“Tum mehkoom ho or mard hakim” – This Girl Shares How She Has Been Denied Her Identity

It’s 2018. I am living in a world of radical change. In a world where social dynamics are taking on ...

Mahnoor AslamJune 30, 2018

This 26-Year-Old Pakistani Chemical Engineer’s Inspiring Story Will Change The Way You Look At Life!

So, women in different fields working their best are just a plain proof that whoever said women are any lesser, was ...

Sharoz Essa KhanJune 2, 2018

Arranged Marriages To Marital Rape – How Is It Affecting A Woman?

Marriage is one of the most important elements in women’s life because after spending half of their life with her ...

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