Abdullah Sultan Just got Nikkahfied and Girls are Crying Their Hearts Out


It’s the season of getting hitched and it seems like every other celebrity is now looking forward to getting settled in life. Aww. If we talk about TV anchors, last time it was Rabia Anum who got hitched and this time it’s… Abdullah Sultan – a crush of many girls out there! Need a tissue box?

This heartthrob of many started his career in 2008 as a news presenter on City 42 News Channel. Working his way towards making a name in the industry, Abdullah’s hard work is pretty evident. He has worked in several TV channels and hosted several talk shows.


Abdullah was born and raised in Lahore and has graduated from NCA. Apart from being a news presenter, he has also modeled in Lahore Fashion Week and has also shown his brilliant acting skills in the film ‘The Dusk’. Well, we call that multi-tasking. Way to go!

Abdullah had a simple Nikkah ceremony at Badshahi Masjid, Lahore, where only close family and friends had gathered to make the event happening for the couple…

Here are some snippets of his beautiful Nikkah ceremony that took place at Badshahi Masjid, Lahore…

Some famous celebrities were also spotted, and here we have Nimrah Khan!

Even Maya Ali made it to their event. We think she looked absolutely STUNNING.

The couple looked absolutely adorable… However, we do think Abdullah shouldn’t have worn that kaala dupatta 😛

Candid shot – Love it!

Their smiles say a lot and the match is perfect! MaShaa’Allah.

We wish the couple best of luck for their future and yes, they indeed make a beautiful couple! How do you like the couple? Let us know in the comments.

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