Internet Trolls Just Noticed Something In Aiman & Muneeb's Baraat Pictures And Ankhen Hain Ya Durbeen?


Internet Trolls Just Noticed Something In Aiman & Muneeb’s Baraat Pictures And Ankhen Hain Ya Durbeen?


Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding is finally at its last quarter. Oh, yes! While they are thoroughly enjoying their wedding festivities, people all over the internet are just annoyed of the photos that appear on the Instagram feed, every now and then. So, those who think that the wedding has just ended, well it is not!

It has just reached in the last quarter. Dude it’s just the baarat, abhi valima baki hai and what about the after party! Picture abhi baki hai mery dost. So, after the long series of tours, dholki, bridal shower, birthday bash, nikkah, mayoon, and mehndi yesterday, we FINALLY witnessed the baarat. Aiman arrived at her new home, started her new life.

Here’s the whole family!

Oh my my! Boy, do they look amazing.

The beautiful couple! MA

The mesmerizing bride that she is!

But the internet is as phuphoo as it gets! There are people noticing something which you might have missed about Muneeb. Can you tell what it could be?

In the first few events, Muneeb boy was nowhere to be seen until the birthday bash of Aiman and Muneeb that happened the day after Aiman’s bridal shower. Muneeb gave a very amazing surprise to Aiman on her birthday where almost all of their friends were available for the couple’s beautiful moments.

Since it has all been about Aiman and her dresses but this time people noticed *takes a magnifying glass*

People noticed that Muneeb has somewhat a little more makeup than Aiman!

Really? Umm…

Haahahah sach mein? Not really

Ary haan! Where’s his family?

What even! par chalo, akhir dil waly dulhaein… Geddit?

Do you guys really think that Muneeb has overdone his makeup? But even if he has done that, so what? He’s the groom mayyn! Come’on people.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. 😉

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