Video Of Alizey Fatima Learning How To Drive Gives An Important Message To All The Girls Out There!


The other day, I was sitting and this picture popped up of the newlywed couple, Feroze Khan and Alizey Feroze Khan and what caught my attention was the caption under the picture Feroze Khan had posted on his Instagram account.

 First lesson. I prayed for life. I did.


And here’s the picture

First lesson. I prayed for life. I did.

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There is simply no harm in a newlywed man teaching his newlywed wife, driving but the thing is, I just got the answer to my long awaited question, which is: Is there anything that scares a man from his wife? Since we live in a male-dominated society and I haven’t heard any wife saying, “Yeah my husband is afraid of me”. Frankly speaking, he’s not.

But after this picture, it struck to me and I thought, “Hey all the beautiful ladies out there, single, engaged or married, I think you should start taking those driving lessons now because it scares a man when his wife is sitting on the driving seat”.

Check out Alizey enjoying the drive!

It doesn’t seem like my first drive bae ??@ferozekhan

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I know, I know, according to research women are best drivers but whenever a man hands over the keys to his wife, the look on his face explains that he is afraid. He thinks that either he’s going to die or that he might meet some kind of an accident or something might happen to his 1st love (his car).

Men are simply afraid of the sight of a women driving. Girls/ladies/women are multitaskers. Their brains function 24/7. They have lots of thoughts, unlike men/boys who think and focus only on one thing at a time. Even when we girls think a lot, our concentration is full of both the things we’re thinking about. Well, this is another debate.

What my point is that girls should learn how to drive because when they get married and when she feels that her husband is being dominated, she should calm the situation down and should say,

Honey let’s forget about this and let’s go for a drive.. 

When he agrees, ask him for the keys! There you go. You won. 😉

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