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Rabia JawedMarch 13, 2018

Why Does Our Society Allow Men To Do Whatever They Want But Restrict Women?

Disclaimer: The following article is a passionate expression of ideas about a specific yet very important situation, and the subject ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 7, 2018

Pakistani Women Share Bizarre “Turn Offs” in Men That They Just Can’t Handle!

We don’t get to see much around on the internet or in magazines on what are women’s biggest turn offs ...

Soha NaveedMarch 5, 2018

Ladies, Here’s How You Can Give Lessons to Unwanted Horny, Tharki Mard Hazraat!

Ah, the horny men climbing up the DMs and messages on your Facebook, sending unsolicited d**** pictures, trying to “impress” ...

AribaFebruary 7, 2018

Science Finally Proves Why Men are Terrified of Intelligent Women!

KA-BOOM!! This would surely trigger a lot of men out there, but I think we’re clear on this now. There ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 1, 2018

This Guy was Caught Shamelessly Winking at 2 Girls Who Were Heading Home in Karachi

Before even a woman is born, she is labeled as a sexual object. The question arises why a woman needs ...

Sheza AshrafJanuary 24, 2018

Mehwish Hayat Bashes People who continue to Blame Women for their Clothing

Every citizen of this nation keep on chanting the slogan of “free and strong women” but considering the situation of ...

AnonymousJanuary 17, 2018

Mard Ban Mard – It’s Time We Look at the Women in Our Family

I  believe it’s one of you; yes #Notallmen but #Oneofyou! Do all men, well most whom I’ve come across not ...

Kanza JamilJanuary 17, 2018

When will we realize that Feminism is Something We Need in Pakistan?

Men against feminism are paranoid and self-centered. Feminism was basically NOT ABOUT MEN. Not about hating them or loving them. ...

Zainab RaoJanuary 10, 2018

Here Are The Perks of Being a Female in Pakistan

My perfect day kicks off with a wake-up call, followed by a sweet morning message from a close friend; while ...

MadihaJanuary 8, 2018

Here’s how a Cancer Guy is the Perfect Match for a Capricorn Girl!

‘Negative poles attract each other’, truly suitable for cancer and the Capricorn. As ‘diamond’ makes a beautiful combination with ‘gold’, ...

Myeda JawwadDecember 28, 2017

“Shaadi Sirf Larkay Se Nahi Poora Khandan Se Hoti Hai” – Here’s What I Decided To Do When I Heard This For The First Time

As we grow up in a South Asian family, we often get to listen to this phrase “AADHI SHADI LARKEY ...

AnonymousDecember 27, 2017

“Appi there is a guy with his friends who is continuously following us” – We Decided To Do What Pakistani Girls Usually Don’t

Sexual harassment is an ever-increasing problem in Pakistan and countering it is not easy, especially if you are a female ...

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