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Instead Of Taking ‘Zebaish’ Review Positively – Bushra Ansari Lashes Out At Drama Critic


Veteran Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari has lashed out at an online drama critic for mocking and disrespecting actors. Known for doing a popular online show ‘AmmaTVorMain’, Lubna Faryad reviews Pakistani dramas and their characters based on their acting skills.

Recently, Amma is seen constantly criticizing drama series ‘Zebaish’ starring Zara Noor Abbas in the lead roles. She was seen mocking Zara over her spontaneous and ‘loud’ acting. The drama has been written by Bushra Ansari and she is also part of its star cast.

However, Bushra in a now-deleted post bashed Amma for judging and disrespecting the actors. She also called her out ‘doing cheap commentary’ in her ‘paindoo’ style. Bushra also called Amma ‘Corona in her life’.

Also, the online channel from where she presents her drama reviews also hit back at the actress for using foul language for Amma. Also, cursing her entire family. “In the midst of a pandemic, it really doesn’t suit such influential celebrities to call a motherly figure corona and to wish death upon a family!” they wrote.

Zara constantly trolled for her overacting in ‘Zebaish’

Moreover, not only Amma, but Zara’s ‘overacting’ in the drama has also been constantly trolled on social media these days. Zara is known for his chirpy onscreen characters and people always loved her that way.

She was praised for her acting in a hit drama series Ehd-e-Wafa. However, it seems like this time the actress is going a bit overboard with her style. She is also often tagged as ‘parchi’ for being part of a star family.

However, the drama ‘Zebaish’ appears to be a complex story about the reality of life by the rise and fall in fame. It depicts a much darker tale which deals with what appears to be a war between pious and evil forces. It is touted as a dark thriller that depicts the complexities of human nature and sheds light on their insecurities and selfishness.

The serial boasts a stellar cast such as Qavi Khan, Shabbir Jan, Bushra Ansari, Babar Ali, Asma Abbas, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Adnan Shah Tipu, and others.


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