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AribaAugust 5, 2017

Hania Amir is reaching for the Stars and Her Fans are Loving it!

Fashionably cute, flamboyant and bubbly, Hania Amir, 20, has taken over social media right after her debut film ‘Janaan’ and ...

AribaAugust 2, 2017

The Secret’s Out! Sadia Imam Spotted at the Clinic while Getting a Botox Treatment

We know that celebrities go under the knife to look their best and forever young. It indeed sounds terrifying and ...

Sarah Pearl BurhanAugust 1, 2017

Get Ready to Achieve the Perfect “No Make-up” Make-up Look!

The “no makeup” makeup look is trending these days and for all the good reasons. While putting on a full ...

Shamila LadakJuly 29, 2017

My Battle with Calories to Battling Anorexia – Here’s How My Life Changed

Looking at the tall polished glass mirror sitting on my dressing table, I saw my extraordinarily ordinary reflection staring right ...

Muhammad ShirazJuly 20, 2017

7 Home Remedies For Lip Infection

Lip infection can present you a very unpleasant experience especially when the infections are in form of sore. The sores ...

AribaJuly 15, 2017

DIY: Try These 5 ‘Lip-Saving’ Lip Scrubs at Home!

As much as our whole body needs a lil scrubbin’  here and there, so do our lips! There are times ...

AribaJuly 14, 2017

Hide It: Need to Rush and Don’t Have the Time to Wash Your Oily Hair?

There are some women out there who can’t afford to wash their hair every day. Why? Because the strong chemicals ...

AribaJuly 13, 2017

Grey Face? Are You Choosing the Right Shade of Foundation?

The most common problem a lot of women face while applying foundation is suffering from a ‘grey face’ looking like a ...

Haniya AhmedJuly 11, 2017

To the Famous Renowned Beauty Salon of Karachi- You Had No Right To Insult Your Customer!

The problem with our salons here is they have gained way too much publicity and fame because of which they ...

Soha NaveedJuly 10, 2017

This Summer, You Need to Apply these DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin!

When it comes to maintaining an acne-free or oil-free skin in Summers, it is perhaps one of the most difficult ...

AribaJuly 7, 2017

If Your Wedding Is Near, Are You Worried About These Things?

We can hear the wedding bells ringing and shaadi season is on full swing! With summer at its peak, so ...

AribaJuly 5, 2017

If You’re a Girl With Only ‘Chaar Baal’, Then You’ll Understand These Struggles

Being born and brought up in a Pakistani household brings a lot of totkas and mashwaray while growing up. And ...

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