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AribaMarch 8, 2019

We Asked Pakistanis Why They Would ‘Really’ Like To Get Married And The Replies Were A Little Too Honest!

The moment you hit your 20s in a Pakistani household, the only topic that is discussed is your shaadi and it ...

Kinza PirachaFebruary 26, 2019

This Pakistani Youtuber Just Busted India’s Theory Of Balakot Incident And The Whole World Will Laugh At Them!

The topic of discussion that’s on the cards these days is of the Pulwama terror attack and the trespassing by the Indians. ...

parhloFebruary 25, 2019

Here’s What The Moles On Different Parts Of Your Body Mean And Woah, This Is Actually Very Fascinating!

While for many of us, moles are just brown spots on our body we may not pay much attention to. ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 20, 2019

Pakistani Girls Are Calling Crown Prince Mohd Bin Salman The New Crush Of Pakistan And Ye Baki Rehgaya Tha!

Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman came to Pakistan as a blessing. He donated some billions for the energy plants ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 20, 2019

Pakistanis Are Accusing Sadaf Kanwal Of Drinking ‘Sharaab’ Aur Sab Ke Andar Ka Jasoos Jaag Utha!

Sadaf Kanwal needs no introduction, though she’s been working in the Pakistani showbiz for quite long but her one ad got ...

Parhlo PinkFebruary 16, 2019

We Asked Pakistanis What They Would Do If They ‘Woke Up As The Opposite Gender’ And Taubaaaah!

Most women, when imagining themselves as a man (and most women have at some point imagined what it would be ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 14, 2019

Mukesh Ambani’s Eldest Son Is Getting Married Next Month And The Wedding Invite Is Freaking Fancy!

So, another biggest wedding is here to knock our doors of social media and we can’t wait to see what ...

Parhlo PinkFebruary 14, 2019

Salman Faisal And His Wife’s Dance Video Is Going Viral And People Are Really Pissed For No Apparent Reason!

Actor Salman Faisal who started as Tipu in the hit Dil Mom Ka Diya recently tied the knot with Neha ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 12, 2019

Pakistani Celebs Are Throwing Subtle Hints After Yasir Hussain Posted A Picture With Iqra Aziz And Ahem Ahem!

Well, there are many actors and actresses whom we have seen getting married, after their “hawt” chemistry on screen is ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 11, 2019

This FB Page Is Giving Fatwas On Which Type Of Girls A Muslim Man Should Marry And People Are Extremely Furious!

Pakistani weddings are sure lavish! They are full of food, flowers, people, music and when they all are combined together it’s ...

Kinza PirachaFebruary 11, 2019

Sadaf Kanwal’s Adorable New Pictures Are Triggering People To Make Wahiyat Comments Aur Kuch Ziada Hi Hogaya!

For a few years now, model turned actress Sadaf Kanwal has been among the more bankable faces in the fashion ...

Soha NaveedFebruary 10, 2019

This Poor Dulha Got Beaten Up for Giving Less Money at the Doodh Pilai Rasam Aur Kasam Se, We Feel Sorry for him!

Sounds funny just by reading the title, doesn’t it? But oh man, this really went out of the hands and ...

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