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FarwaApril 10, 2019

This New Ritual Of A Man Praying Next To A ‘Daig’ Is An Addition To All The Weird Religious Rituals In Pakistan!

In a country with so many religions, cultures, and tribes, it is impossible for anyone to like everything. The communities ...

FarwaApril 9, 2019

Meet Salma Marwat Khan – Pakistan’s Fastest Emerging Female Rally Driver Who’s Touching The Skies!

It is good to see that Pakistanis are blessed with great women role models for which they have worked day ...

FarwaApril 8, 2019

These 5 Jinn Exorcisms Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine And They Are Actually Real!

Almighty Allah and His last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has provided us with the guidance of all the worldly and unworldly ...

Soha NaveedApril 7, 2019

After M&Ms, Our Favorite ‘Cheetos’ Might Not Be Halal and This Is Truly Heartbreaking

Remember how just a few days back, the internet was melting over the news of M&Ms not being halal? That ...

Soha NaveedApril 7, 2019

This Couple Took On Patriarchal Stereotypes Of Pakistan In The Most Creative Way And It’s Super Hilarious!

While people on social media often debate on how patriarchy is affecting women all over the worlds, there are a ...

Soha NaveedApril 6, 2019

Amazon Owner’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Bezos Becomes the Third Richest Woman in the World Post-Divorce and And It’s Crazy Amazing

In the craziest divorce of the year, this one has left the wife to become the third richest woman in ...

Soha NaveedMarch 30, 2019

PTV Legend Ishrat Fatima, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz Winner, Reads A News Report That Is Making Pakistanis Nostalgic!

For years, Ishrat Fatima was the face of the PTV news which used to year back in day. Her calm, ...

FarwaMarch 28, 2019

These 100 Instructions From The Holy Quran Are A Guide For Living The Perfect Life!

Holy Quran is the book which provides us a complete way of living o life. In 114 Surahs of the ...

FarwaMarch 27, 2019

Here Are 6 Things That Are Forbidden To Eat According To Islam And This Might Be Shocking!

Razzaq is one of the ninety names of Allah which means Provider or Sustainer. It is no doubt that Almighty ...

FarwaMarch 26, 2019

Here Are All The Reasons Why Cats Are Preferred Over Dogs In Islam And Every Muslim Should Know This!

Islam allows its believers to keep certain animals as pets in their homes. There are numerous hadiths quoted by Islamic ...

FarwaMarch 15, 2019

Here’s What You Need To Know About Al-Jathoom (Kaboos) – The Jinn Who Descends Upon A Person At Night!

The creatures of Almighty Allah has been divided into two major groups – seen and unseen. In the light of ...

FarwaMarch 14, 2019

These 8 Quranic Verses Will Help You Increase Your Rizq And You Will Surely Notice A Difference!

People call Almighty Allah as ‘Razzaq’ which means the provider, the one who sustains the most. He is the one ...

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