According To Research, Cheating Makes Women Happier Than Men


According To Research, Cheating Makes Women Happier Than Men


Cheating is bad, unacceptable, and can destroy relationships. Period.

It is a fact that everything changes after getting married. The word ‘Love’ becomes very vague and complex between spouses and now holds a new meaning for them. Before marriage, we don’t really understand love and take it seriously. But after entering this phase of life, it transforms into a whole new meaning for us, in terms of dependency, care, and affection.


Husband and wife tend to stay together after marriage more because they feel responsible towards each other and dependent on each other. And later, the love of their children keeps them in a bond as well. But you noticed that we didn’t say they stay together because they love each other irrevocably.

Marriage might shake the idea of love in some ways and the feeling of love towards the partner becomes an on and off thing. Even if you and your partner love each other beyond limits (if that exists…) right now that might change after marriage. This is because things change, people change. In fact, everything changes with time. You may have heard this famous line, ‘change is the only constant thing you might come across in life’.


So, when circumstances change and the partners do not feel affection from the other side anymore, they may look for it somewhere else. People change but obviously, their needs wouldn’t, they would still want to feel loved by someone and if it isn’t there partner fulfilling their needs then…

Cheating is considered wrong and why not? It is wrong. But a study was conducted to ‘justify’ cheating and explained it in a gendered way. Does cheating make satisfy the partner?  Well, according to a new study, the answer to that question depends on your gender.

 The results of the study found that cheating makes women happier than it does men!

To conduct her research, Alicia Walker, Ph.D., an assistant professor of sociology at Missouri State University, surveyed Ashley Madison users and discovered that women who cheated were more likely to be happy with the controversial lifestyle choice than men who replicated. One reason given for this satisfaction was that cheating can, sometimes, increase sexual desire. Walker reported that females having an affair are more likely to be happy than males.  “It’s the ‘monogamy malaise.’ It was found that the longer women are in a sexual relationship, the more their desire drops over time, and they become less and less interested in having sex with their primary partner. However, if they take on a new partner, their sexual desire returns to its previous high level.”


Women might believe that cheating is saving their marriage. Walker explained to Marie Claire that if women believe they have to have an affair to stay married, it will increase their happiness in the marriage. Walker gives one more reason why cheating is an especially positive experience for women. For them, it’s one of the few times they’re able to have a relationship completely on their own terms. They feel in charge and dominant which give them a sense of satisfaction.

This doesn’t mean women cheat more than men though. It just means women are happier when they cheat more than men. Even if this is the case, cheating should not be a resort to find happiness for either male or female.

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