Clothing Brand Sapphire Introduced 50% Off and What Happened Next Wasn’t Surprising At All!


It is always surprising when Pakistanis call themselves “citizens of a poor country”. Just a few days ago, perhaps during the Holy month of Ramadan, Pakistanis observed something called “fruit strike”. The upper elite and elite class of Pakistan boycotted fruit vendors because they were selling fruits and vegetables at a higher price.

Now you see, this is the very same class who is willing to stand in long ques outside their favorite brand to avail 50% off on the items which they would wear to flaunt their status symbol. Too much time in your hands? Too much money in your hands? Not a problem!

Specific women of this same class went berserk few years ago when Sapphire launched 50% off. By now, you probably remember its and bits of the video given how viral it went. While the brand’s management has been very proactive in terms of making sure something like that never happens again, given how women are willing to devote so much time by standing in long ques puts in a lot of questions.

Sapphire Introduced 50% and Women Made the Longest Ques to Avail the Discounts!

Don’t Believe Me? See How These Women Wait at 9 AM Outside Emporium Mall while the Mall Itself Opens at 11 AM

And This Image Was Taken Outside the Gulberg Branch in Lahore

Facebook page: Metronome

And This One Is Taken at Dolmen Mall, Karachi!

If countrymen of Pakistan ever want to make a world record of having the most women in a line, introduce 50% off on their favorite brand and the job will be done. Surprisingly, these are the same women who don’t understand the marketing gimmicks where any brand would actually want you to become thirsty for an item. Long ques are an example of it.

Watch these videos and wonder, where’s the empathy when it comes to helping the poor?

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