‘Couple’s Patience Diminished’, Nida Yasir Shares Her Views On Rising Divorce Rate


Nida Yasir, one of the well-known figures, shared her views on the rising divorce rates in society. Her statement instantly grabbed everyone’s attention.

Nida Yasir undoubtedly becomes one of the prominent figures who made her space in the morning show where she even let made into the world of controversy.

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She stated that “people’s patience has diminished, and now they are aware of their rights. When conflicts arise, people do not seek solutions.”

Nida Yasir recently participated in her first YouTube podcast, where she openly discussed her career, personal life, and experiences with social media trolling.

Nida Yasir Shared Her Views On Rising Divorce Rate

Nida discussed the rising divorce rate in society during a guest visit on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast. She stated that, in comparison to the past, individuals now have a more excellent grasp of their rights.

Nida Yasir give her opinion on increasing divorce rate in Pakistan
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This increased awareness allows people to recognize when anything is amiss in their relationships and gives them a better picture of how their lives should be.

She did, however, warn that this can sometimes result in a hasty decision to quit the relationship rather than working through the difficulties, which should be the initial response.

Dealing with a Joint Family System

Nida also talked about the difficulties of working with a shared family arrangement. She recounted her personal experience, stating that dealing with a mother-in-law may be difficult.

She had experienced troubles following her marriage, but she eventually realized that her mother-in-law was laid-back.

Nida Yasir Shares an opinion on increases divorce rates
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Nida emphasized that dealing with her husband’s point of view and family relationships proved to be much more difficult. She also discussed her connection with her 18-year-old younger brother. She avoids meddling in his affairs, preferring to occasionally give him and her sister-in-law advice.

Ayesha Omar and Kiran Malik shared their views on the rising divorce rate.

Allah Hasn’t Said To Separate

She said, “If people are informed and aware of their rights, Allah hasn’t said to separate. When you commit and marry someone, you have to make repeated efforts to sustain the relationship.”

She also shared her experience, mentioning, “My husband (Yasir Nawaz) and I have had several arguments. It’s normal and happens in every couple.”

Yasir Nawaz Puts His Stance On The Reason Behind Rapidly Increasing Divorce  Cases - Showbiz Pakistan
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Nida mentioned that it was initially difficult to manage time for their children after getting married due to her acting commitments, leading her to quit acting temporarily.

However, a few months later, when Yasir Nawaz produced the drama ‘Nadaaniyan,’ she resumed acting and immediately received an offer to host a morning show.”

Earlier this year, Sana Fakhar opened up about her divorce.

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