The SSGs Made Us Experience An Entire Rollercoaster Of Emotions In Episode 3 Of Ehd-e-Wafa!


Ehd E Wafa

The SSGs Made Us Experience An Entire Rollercoaster Of Emotions In Episode 3 Of Ehd-e-Wafa!


The entire week, we barely have time for our families. With having to rush off to work without eating breakfast at the table with everyone and not being able to attend important family events, we have started to miss out a lot on spending quality time with our family.

Sunday is the only day where we can all finally sit with our families and enjoy those home-cooked meals full of warmth and love while putting on a show that can entertain everyone. Of course, the usual question is always regarding the show that can be watched since there aren’t many family dramas produced by our industry in the past years and upon not finding one good enough to watch, our Sundays usually end without us doing anything ‘fun’.

Luckily for us, this entire situation changed the minute Ehd-e-Wafa aired, filling our Sunday with just the right amount of lightness.

In the second episode, we saw Rani’s applaudable confidence and the extremely clever ideas that always manage to get her out of trouble. Along with that, we also witnessed the SSG’s finally escaping from their dorm room and Saad accidentally bumping into the love of his life!

Last night’s episode started off with Rani on the call with a friend asking about her result upon which she finds out that she has failed in 2 papers, English and Islamiyat.


This is followed by a scene showing Saad hopelessly lost thinking about Alizah Shah while the rest of the boys discuss the events of the previous night and urge Saad to tell them the entire story-how he first met ‘bhabhi’ with all the details!

Turns out, that wasn’t the only time Saad had met her!

The first time in an Arts workshop in Matric where he saw the lovely girl trying to properly position her easel and canvas. You can tell by the way he looked at her, with that starry-eyed gaze, that he surely wouldn’t be able to forget her!

The second time, to his surprise, was when he spotted her in the library and tried to talk to her but due to one of the major cons of being an Army officer’s son and having a bodyguard always around, he failed miserably.


We then see the boys teasing Saad about the sketches he made of ‘bhabhi’ displaying the mischievous role best friends play-something that pretty much all of us can relate to! Thanks to Shahzain, following her to her house and conversing with the guard resulted in knowing Alizah Shah’s name; Duaa. This, however, strikes suspicion amongst Duaa’s cousin and instructs her to only go out with her from that moment onwards.

On the other hand, the boys go out once more before their big test tomorrow and as Shariq goes to get ice cream, he spots Duaa with another girl upon which both Shahzain and Shehryar both rush to go introduce themselves to their bhabhi and being the best bros they are, tell her about their dear friend Saad who has fallen head over heels for her.


Saad, however, then goes after his friends in order to stop them and leave Duaa alone. The night takes an eventful turn as Duaa’s cousin returns and sees the boys standing near his cousins and with the intentions of defending them, a physical fight starts to emerge which is then spotted by the Police.

Upon seeing the Police approach, Shahzain and Shehryar run away immediately leaving poor Saad to get caught by the Police.

The hostel’s warden Firdous Jamal is called to come get Saad from the police station and upon meeting him, the warden constantly keeps on insisting him to spill the beans and tell him the names of his friends that were present with him at the time but being the loyal friend that he is, Saad would dare not speak a word.


The very next day, a member from each of the SSG’s families is called including Saad’s father who, upon looking at Saad, tells him how disappointed he is in him to be teasing other girls out there. As the scene proceeds, our hearts ache for Saad to tell his father the truth-that he would never tease a girl like that and that it was his friends who approached her first but Saad’s loyalty remains intact, even if it means being falsely accused.


As a result, the episode comes to an end with the rest of the parents arriving and the boys hearing what they have to say about their complaints!

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