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Will Esra Bilgic Work In A Pakistani Show Soon? Her Message In ‘Urdu’ Hints At It


Since the famous Turkish series, Ertugrul Ghazi started to stream on Netflix and PTV in Pakistan; the public is going crazy with its dedicated actors and the influential plotline. However, what has us more hooked is how Turkish stars are always loving and open to their fans in Pakistan and are always sharing their love.

Esra Bilgic the female lead role of Ertugrul Ghazi is always up and sharing her love for her fans in Pakistan. From catering to photoshoots in Pakistan to a lot more. Esra Bilgic is always ready to entertain her friends from abroad.

esra bilgic ertugrul Pakistan
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In line with that, a thought that is making us feel excited is how perfect will it be if we get to see a film or a drama series which has Turkish and Pakistani stars working in collaboration? Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Esra Bilgic hints working in Pakistan show soon

Looks like Esra Bilgic might have heard our thoughts. Her recent message Instagram in Urdu is hinting towards something promising. Although the message tends to be simply a business message, it is indeed giving us hope. What if it is time, that the Turkish entertainment industry might collaborate with Pakistan.

esra bilgic ertugrul Pakistan
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From the success of Ertugrul Ghazi, everyone is crazy to see these stars coming to Pakistan. May it be for a brand ambassador for PSL or more. What if the collaboration that we are all waiting for is here.

Esra Bilgic aka Halima Sultan hinted towards a business collaboration but what if there is way more to the story than that is being told. Many a time we are surprised with the performance, dear stars put up for us.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time, Turkish stars are admiring Pakistan. No, many people of the cast have spoken up for Pakistan, in fact, the feud of Kashmir also.  Stars like Esra Bilgic have also spoken about the massacre of Kashmir and all those who were applauding or promoting the idea of war. It is both inspiring and lovable to see how humanity stands out stronger than anything.

esra bilgic ertugrul Pakistan
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It won’t be wrong for us to hope a bit too much if Pakistan and Turkey expand their entertainment industries by setting a new trend of collaborated Dramas, films and so much more. If anything, just the thought of enjoying these collabs is something worth the wait.

We wish dear Esra Bilgic and all our foreign stars a warm welcome. We are ever humbled to have them on board. Moreover, we also wish them the best of luck in the near future with prosperity and a lot of success.

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