Here are the “Exclusive” Details of Feroze Khan’s Wedding that have been Finally Revealed!


We know, we know, not too long ago, we surprised you guys with the news of the famous Pakistani heartthrob, Feroze Khan getting married this year. So, the latest news is that it’s not later this year, OR next month. In fact, it is at the end of March 2018. Oops, did  I just hear some hearts shatter? Sorry. Well, it’s happening a little too soon and it was unexpected.

– love

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Feroze has proved himself as a great actor and model and truly won the hearts of many because of his great acting skills and dashing looks (can’t disagree to that, now can you?)! As much as he has been questioned about his personal life, Feroze finally broke it to everyone last month when he went live on Instagram, that he’s ready to start a new journey with his beloved.


Check out the video!

#Repost @khaani.official ・・・ though the fandom and fk family may be emotional at hearing this news. We are all part of the Feroze Khan Fandom Family and weather he gets married or not, that won’t change. Personally , I love Feroze very much but my respect for him is more then my love for him. – – As he’s decided to be taking a step into another wonderful and InshaAllah successful journey in his life, I stand and support him. And you should too! – – may he have a blessed, happy, healthy and wealthy future ahead with whoever the lucky lady is. – – My best of prayers and support is with you @ferozekhan .  Who’s with us? – – – – EVERYONE TAG @ferozekhan BELOW!  #supportfk #fk #fkfamily #ferozekhan#ferozekhanforbestactor #khaani #romeowedsheer #fothek#geoentertainment #7thskyentertainment@somethinghauteofficial #ferozekhanlive #ferozian#ferozegetsmarried

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Valentine’s special?

– love

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If you’ve been following him on Instagram, you’d know how his Instagram is so badass with some amazing photo shoots and well, let’s not ignore him working out at the gym… *winks*

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Feroze – focused and determined!

Although we’re still wondering why would he wear denim shorts to the gym.. hmm?

People were curious to know who the lucky girl is and we were given hints!

Yes, her name is Aliza! <3

Anyway getting back to the wedding, since many would still question us or still think it’s a rumor (despite Feroze announcing it himself), we have a little something for you…


Don’t believe us? Check out the wedding invite!


And no, sorry, we’re not revealing any more details, but, ladies, this is it and it is official.

To all those girls whose hearts have been broken and others as well, let’s pray for his well-being and for him to be blessed with a happy life ahead! Best wishes for the couple!!

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