This Girl Reveals Something No One Knows About The Guy "Who Challenged Women To Fast Entire Ramadan"


This Girl Reveals Something No One Knows About The Guy “Who Challenged Women To Fast Entire Ramadan”


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Feminism has changed dreadfully over the years and it has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s obvious that women have several differences from men. There is a difference between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body.

There is a reason for this, therefore men and women are not equal. A few days back a picture of a boy on the internet went viral, he was holding a guitar and on the back, “Mard kay barabar ana hai tou Ramazan kay puray rozay rakh ker dekhao” was written on a whiteboard.

And Pakistanis couldn’t hold it back and bashed the guy like anything.

After a few days a statement has been shared by Minahil Fatima:

“Okay, so I’m here to talk about a picture that went viral a few days back. Someone edited the picture of this guy and posted it online. The background of this picture is a projector, not a whiteboard. This guy is going through a hard time because of all this mess. It was all good till his family got involved. He’s not talking to anyone and he’s facing a lot because of this edited picture. You can clearly see that the background is a projector, not a whiteboard. As someone who has faced a lot of troubles because of my tweets, I can totally understand what this guy must be going through. He has stopped going out, his family is treating him really badly and he’s not even in contact with his friends. His friends believe that he’s suicidal. He and his family are gone somewhere and phones are switched off. Kindly share.”

See her post here.

Posted by Minahil Fatima on Saturday, June 9, 2018

The girl who shared this picture on Twitter apologized as well.

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Well, now we know both the sides. What’s your view on this?

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