Pakistanis Destroyed This Guy Who Challenged Women to Fast The Entire Month of Ramadan


Pakistanis Destroyed This Guy Who Challenged Women to Fast The Entire Month of Ramadan


Misinterpretation of equality and gender brawls have taken the social media wars by storm. Both genders, in their own ways to prove the superiority stoop low and make illogical arguments. Previously, we’ve seen men debate about how women don’t get to stand in long ques of a tandoor, which makes them the better gender – which makes them understand pain more than women.

For Example:


Now men are mostly told not to ask women questions such as, “are you fasting? How many Rozas did you keep?” in the month of Ramadan due to their menstrual cycle. For 4 to 7 days, women are exempted from fasting because of menses. And the exemption isn’t something that was implied from the society or man but from Allah and the religion of Islam.

To Prove that Men Are Better Than Women, Because They Fast the Entire Month, This Pakistani Dude Did the Most Stupid Thing One Could Imagine!

In a picture that he shared online, this guy wrote, “If you want to come equal to men, try keeping all the Rozas in Ramadan then,”

Menstruation is a natural process, but this society treats it like a taboo. Women in Ramadan, during their periods, have to wake up and ‘pretend’ like they are fasting because of the male present in the homes.

While that itself is problematic, there are people, like this guy in the picture, who believe menstruation can be controlled or that not getting them, he becomes the superior gender.

Pakistanis Weren’t Too Easy On this Guy Either

And LOL Why Would He Hold a Guitar?


LOL And It Is Going Viral!


One Can Imagine

If one was to give an answer in his mentality, it would easily be, “Aik dafa pregnant hu k dekhao” and that’ll be it. But let’s just keep this logical.

To men like this guy in particular: if you really want to talk about equality, bring logical arguments, because this just proved how you lack brain cells.

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