Here’s Everything Girls Experience When They Work With Guys!


Working with guys, ah, a job within a job. Definitely never easy working with guys, especially when the workplace is full of them. Men and women handle and react to situations differently. When men and women co-exist in a workplace, there are some dos and some don’ts.

Regardless of how serious things may be at your workplace, there are numerous times working with guys actually becomes fun. The inside jokes, the double meaning conversations, the “don’t say this in front of a woman” element, all of this makes it fun.

However, when you are a girl working with a bunch of men, on a lighter side, here’s everything you may experience:

1. You Won’t Get Their Boy Jokes

Boys have a habit of cracking weird (sometimes funny) jokes which only boys can understand. Unless you have had an experience of hanging out with them for a quite some time, you’d be able to get their jokes. Otherwise, you will just feel like an outsider.

2. You Would WANT To Understand their Double Meaning Talks

Most of the times, boys respect that there is a woman in the room so they’d continue using double meaning terms and jokes. But deep down, you’d want to know what they really mean.

3. They’d Never Tell You What They Are Talking About

Because “tum larki hu, tum nahi samjho gy ye baat.” Oh please!

4. There Will be Times When They’d Pick On You

Especially if you are a little slow to understand their jokes and double meaning conversations, they’d definitely pick on you because they like doing that…a lot!

5. They’d Expect You to Do their Work As If You Are their Mother/Sister

Because that is their way of valuing your presence in the workplace…

6. You Might Hear Them Giggle But As Soon As You Enter, They’d Get Quiet

And you’d never know what they were talking about…maybe it was you they were talking about???

So well, these are just a few points you may experience when you are working with boys. Everything aside, it sometimes gets hella fun and other times, just a pain in your a##!


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