An Unusual Love Story: I Met an Army Officer, Fell in Love and Married Him


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So, I was on a trip to Gilgit with my friends. Everyone was tired the day we landed in the beautiful mountains. We took a car to the Serena Hotel where our stay was. We had dinner and slept quickly as we were excited to explore the breathtaking scenery Gilgit had to offer us.

I woke up to a beautiful view next morning and saw my friends sleeping out of tiredness and refused to wake up. Me being adventurous and stoppable, had no time to waste. So, I dressed up, grabbed my camera and raced to the dining table to grab a piece of toast and set on my journey to explore the great Hunza: I was completely enjoying my time alone in the wet weather. I went on to explore NLI (The area under army control). I was taking a few shots of the beautiful place (as being a fashion and a travel blogger, I love to take pictures while I’m traveling) when I heard a voice behind “Yahan pics khenchna allow nahe hai” ( it’s not allowed to take pictures here).

I turned around and saw a tall guy with looks of French soldiers and such accusing eyes standing behind me. I wasn’t expecting such rudeness for a tourist, so I shouted back, “why not?” He started explaining me the rules and I interrupted saying, “Would you seriously argue so much for one picture?”. He told me that it is part of his duty to stop anyone from taking pictures and I told him that how I have a habit of collecting pictures from every place I visit, into a big book.

He said, “Well that’s a good habit, but ma’am, I’ve already told you that it’s not allowed to take pictures here, I’m sorry but I can’t help you with this matter”. Disappointingly, I reached the hotel and told my friends about what kind of interaction I had with a stubborn army officer. They laughed at how I found someone who could finally stop me from taking pictures. Days passed and I moved back to my home city after enjoying a stay in the mountains. You must be thinking how we met again. Hold your horses I’m explaining everything …

Six months passed; My friends and I planned a trip to Kashmir because of my love for mountains. During our seven days stay at PC Muzaffarabad, on the sixth day, we had a plan to visit Chakoti (Pakistan India border). I was very excited and my DSLR was definitely going with me. Coincidently; it was a wet, cloudy day again and the travel guide was explaining the history of the place when I escaped out of my girls’ gang who were busy listening to the interesting history.


I took out my camera and was about to take that one single picture when I heard a familiar voice behind, “Yahan pics khenchna allow nahe hai”. I felt so much resemblance with that voice, and that very moment, I turned around and found the same handsome army soldier standing tall; glaring at me. All I could do was stare at him while I felt a few drops of rain, drizzle on me. Oh, my GOD! He pushed me towards the hut while we saw the rain starting heavily. Well, this was the only time we did not argue, instead, had a friendly conversation. He told me he was posted here after Gilgit and invited me for lunch the next day.

I told him I have a flight and couldn’t accept the invitation but we did exchange numbers that day and started to have the normal guy to girl conversations. Suddenly, one day, he expressed his feelings to me. I was a bit astonished as I did not see that coming and didn’t want to be in a relationship that early but he managed to somehow make me fall for him with his nice manners and kind heart. Next, I explained to him how important it is to involve our parents in all this to make things go official. He quietly agreed to it.

Now, all that was left for us was to explain the situation to our parents. We knew it won’t be easy but we had promised each other to do so. Then came our struggle to make them believe that we will be happy together. It took us a few months but we managed to make them agree to a decent engagement ceremony real quick. Few weeks before our engagement, our grandparents decided that ring exchanging ceremony means nothing according to Islamic Shariah so a Nikkah is much appropriate. And that’s how we got engaged and nikkahfied on the very same date.
A day before my nikkah, the dholki was planned by my family. I along with all my cousins prepared for dance, our dholak was more like a Bollywood Sangeet ceremony.

So that’s how our Nikkah went. To see more pictures and details, visit our Instagram blog.

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