Humayun Saeed Praises Adnan Siddiqui's Reaction To His 'Slap' In Meray Paas Tum Ho!


Humayun Saeed Slap Scene in Merey Pas Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed Praises Adnan Siddiqui’s Reaction To His ‘Slap’ In Meray Paas Tum Ho!


‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ is one of the top running drama serials at the moment and quite a controversial one at that. The storyline so far showcases a broken family of three at the hands of the woman who chose a wealthy man over her own loving and doting husband played by Humayun Saeed.

Humayun Saeed Reacts On Merey Pas Tum HO scene
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Every episode is unpredictable with some strong punchlines for dialogues. Similarly, the famous ‘2 takay ki aurat’ line said by Humayun/Danish while he bids his cheating wife farewell, caused a major ruckus among the audience; specifically among the female crowd.

Humayun Saeed Do Takay Ki Aurat
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However, the story kept on reaching its emotional climax and people wondered if the ‘victimized’ Danish would take some staunch action for once against Adnan Siddiqui’s character, Shehwar who has been threatening him left and right. And, so he did shocking the crowd.

Pakistanis as Danish sets Shehwar straight:

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In this recent episode, he literally goes from ‘zero to hero’, as he delivers some slaps, punches, and whatnot. You know what they say, that even good people have a limit of patience. Seems like Danish was done with the constant threats and disrespect he was receiving from Shehwar and his ex-wife Mehwish, played by the beautiful Ayeza khan.

Here’s the epic scene.

Pakistan was more than ecstatic over this scene as they felt that justice was finally served to Danish by Danish himself. Moreover, the revered actor took it to his Twitter addressing the crowd’s excitement and gave the credit to Adnan for his natural and perfect response to Danish’s action-packed scene.

He wrote, “Thank you for all the love and appreciation! It kind of feels strange to ‘like’ or respond to all the excitement on someone being hit though. I have to admit credit goes to Adnan Siddiqui whose wonderful reaction to my action has made this sequence such a success @adnanactor”

Adnan Siddiqui is a brilliant seasoned actor in the Pakistani showbiz industry, moreover, he is known not just by his exceptional work, and cool demeanor but also for being an amazing father.

Here’s Adnan’s response to Humayon’s slap.

Humayon’s humble tweet praising Adnan over this iconic scene was met with more praises. Safe to say, Pakistanis are going gaga over it to the point that they couldn’t stop raving about it online. Here’s what they had to say over Humayon’s statement.

‘lethal’ action is how this user placed that scene.

The curious-cat among the fans cannot help but ask for more; WWE style!

To this Humayon replied, “Hahahahha…No…itna hi bohat hai!”

A beautiful summation of not just the actors’ deliverance but of the emotions of the audience as well.

Someone implies that Humayon too must have been waiting up until this point to put Shehwar in his place.

Indians love Pakistani dramas, so it was a given that ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’ would be a success on the other side of the border too!

Meray Paas Tum Ho, although successful and most-watched has its certain drawbacks. In addition, after the ‘2 takay ki aurat’ dialogue, writer Khalil-Ur-Rehman gave a controversial interview. Which in a nutshell, was a bizarre take on feminism and women. His disturbing statements enraged the entire country. However, the drama itself didn’t suffer any backlash. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be doing as good as it is performing.

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