If Your Wedding Is Near, Are You Worried About These Things?


We can hear the wedding bells ringing and shaadi season is on full swing! With summer at its peak, so is the wedding season. It’s raining brides and grooms everywhere! Talking about brides, months before her wedding a bride-to-be tends to get worried about all sorts of things. And those few months are just way too stressful for her. You just smiled, didn’t ya? Because it’s so true!

If  you’re a bride-to-be, you must be facing at least 5 of these!

1. Having the perfect, glowing skin to die for!

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Treating your skin to get the perfect glow on your big day starts months before!

2. Choosing a designer dress that is one of its kind!

Source: Why Ryerson

Every bride wants to get a dress that is beautifully unique! Haina?

3. Looking to book your favorite make-up artist months before the wedding

Source: Fit Pregnancy

No mazaak with make-up and you don’t want to look like a caked up doll!

4. The thoughts of adjusting with your in-laws, haunt you

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It takes a little time to adjust. But you’ll get there!

5. Planning a honeymoon can take some time if you haven’t planned it before your wedding

Plan your honeymoon before so you don’t waste much time after the wedding! Chance are, you might just miss the chance! *wink wink*

6. Cooking the best meals for your partner is something to be concerned about

Cooking freaks out every new bride, but now there are multiple platforms that will help you cook the best meals for your beloved.

7. Keeping your partner happy after marriage

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After you start living with them and will learn a lot about each other. Don’t worry, it all works out in the end!

8. Maintaining your weight

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The superior of all – weight issues! Just follow a healthy lifestyle a couple months before your big day. Tada, no biggie!

9. Even though you have nothing to do with the wedding arrangements, you worry a little  too about the venue setup

Source: Tenor

It’s normal to worry about the arrangements and all. Afterall, it is your big day! But don’t worry, it is going to be perfect because your family, too, is looking forward to making your big day very special!

We can’t blame the innocent brides, but it is something that just builds upon when your big day is approching fast. It is a natural process.  So, just try to stay calm and everything will be smooooth….

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