Iman Ali is Back with a Bang and Killing it with her Hotness!


Iman Ali, the supermodel everyone knows has this spectacular fire in her looks that not many models have, no wonder why she’s a supermodel. Iman Ali started off her career with HSY (Hassan Shehryar Yasin) when he asked her to be his model for the shoot. Iman later got her break in acting but mostly in Pakistani movies. She is very selective about her roles in movies and loves to put that enthralling charisma in her role every time.

This recent photo shoot of Iman Ali for a magazine cover is actually a kick-ass comeback for her. People are going by  the hashtag #BlueIsTheNewBlack because she is killin’ it!

She looks majestic in EVERY SINGLE PHOTO!


That dewy look and bold lips! She has got our heart #BlueIsTheNewBlack


Gothic, classy, stunning!


Born-to-stand-out kind of pose!




Iman Ali, the timeless beauty, the very own Lucknowi queen of Pakistan is one of the few models/actresses who will rule the hearts of Pakistanis with her ‘ishq, mohabbat and apnapan’ forever and ever. The bold and beautiful Iman makes sure to create waves on social media and our hearts whenever she makes an appearance. This time she appeared on our laptop screens and the hotness of the entire environment increased.

Shot by Kashif Rashid, the model looked absolutely gorgeous and floored her fans with her confidence and beauty while wearing Asim Jofa. Iman Ali is 40 and continues to defy time with her beauty. She’s been out of the limelight for a while, but her latest photo shoot that’s sprouted around social media begs to differ. Could she be returning to the silver screen? The actress looks magnificent in a series of shots and honestly is giving contemporary models a run for their money.

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