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‘I Already Had A Horrible Miscarriage’ Juggan Kazim Shares Details About Her Two Miscarriages


In the Pakistan entertainment industry, female celebrities have become braver and louder in speaking up about their personal issues.

Among many celebrities, Juggan Kazim is one of the most prominent actresses turned to host who has been very vocal about women’s rights and justice.

Source: Express Tribune

She sat down for an interview in which she revealed her two miscarriages and shared harrowing details about them.

Juggan Kazim talks about her miscarriages

When an interviewer asked her about what keeps her going, the actress said, you know it’s going to be okay.”

During the podcast, Kazim opened up about her two miscarriages and challenging pregnancy. She said, “I was pregnant with Noor, and I already had a horrible miscarriage which was quite bloody and it was my fourth month.”

Source: Express Tribune

Kazim then quickly switched the topic and apologized for the “graphic details,” but also urged people to recognize miscarriages and medically necessary abortions.

“I’m sorry this is a bit graphic, but we need to acknowledge that miscarriages also happen, and sometimes you have to abort a perfect child because maybe the head wasn’t developed,” she expressed.

My Own Desire To Have A Daughter

Kazim continued to share that it was her own “desire” to have a daughter, but it was also a miserable time for her. She said, “It was also my own desire to have a daughter and I was used to having my own conversation with God with complete dread. The second time I also experienced seeing the scary [undeveloped fetus] inside being held to my face and I was like, ‘Please put it away.'”

Apart from that Juggan Kazim has always found herself in boiling water and netizens criticized her for various things. Last year, Netizens called for a boycott of Juggan Kazim’s morning show over obscene content.


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