This Designer Got A Little Too Lazy And Made A Huge Blunder That Could NOT be Ignored!


How many times has the internet witnessed that the designers have stolen the design from someone? W,e are not talking about some mediocre designers but some famous brands. Just some time ago a guy caught some designs from the famous brands and made a collage of from where they have copied the work.

This happened once again! This photo made roars on the internet where some designer got lazy and didn’t bother making their own design and instead, copied the design from the internet, that too without checking the watermark and the print of the shirt. They actually printed the shirt with the watermark of Shutterstock. NO JOKES!

The (in)famous photo was captioned as:

This had to happen! Found floating on @imgur some lazier than thou ass had printed garments without even removing #shutterstock watermark.
Because no matter what they won’t pay for the artwork let alone make their own!

#fashion #Pinterest #print #lawn #aamiriat #shityoucantmakeup

So, the lazier than thou designer printed the shirt with Shutterstock’swatermarkk and let it go out in the world. Well, this must be a shameful and funny situation at the same time. But this isn’t the first time! We hope that this doesn’t turn into a trend to wear Shutterstock on your back! Hehe 😀

What do you think, guys?

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