Here Are The Types Of Nincompoops You Meet On LinkedIn


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Are you also one of those ladies whose inbox is mostly landed with flattering flirtations from strangers? Well, then you can relate to the title. This problem is not only with Pakistani women, but this has been a major issue worldwide. Yes, while doing my research on this topic, I found multiple foreign professional women who also get annoyed by such inappropriate acts on LinkedIn. In adding to sending such messages, people on LinkedIn do not really know how to use it properly i.e. professionally.

With this, I mean that people do not really respond to their networks which automatically kill the core motive behind LinkedIn. Besides this, LinkedIn is turning out to become Facebook. All those who have been seeing personal posts in their news feed will agree to this fact. Let’s have a look at these unprofessional perspectives in detail in this article with the illustrations extracted from my own feed.

• Perspective No. 1: Pervs Alert!


Professional ladies in Pakistan who try to look for opportunities on this platform, often get messages like how are you? What do you do? What is your age? I like your profile picture. I really like you. I want to marry you (Oops, this one’s way too much). How about a coffee/dinner tonight? You are really good looking, etc. C’mon, get a life, people! This is a professional platform. You should be discussing productive things and ask for some professional help than being unprofessional or perverts (Sorry, but this is the right word, I believe).

In all honesty, these questions really sound inappropriate and tone-deaf. I really hope some men who send such messages to us, read this article so that they actually realize how it is. When we receive such messages it really feels like the interviewer has asked you out for a date, while interviewing you for the company. Yeah, seriously. It feels so weird and annoying, receiving such kind of messages. Now think about it, is LinkedIn the right forum to do this? Nah!This is one of the examples I was talking about. I do not find need of asking such informal questions. If you have any business with me, directly come to the point, please.

Once you receive such messages, you have nothing to do with such people except replying them professionally to make them realize that they also need to communicate professionally on this forum. Also, there could be another way too, IGNORE! I did the same in this case. There are many other messages too but for now, this one looks okay to publish in here.

Here is another lady pissed over such messages and letting people know about the proper usage. Also, ladies are not the only one who get such messages. I have been hearing it from some annoyed men as well.

Professional Tip: Make sure that you use complete words instead of shortened words when you are communicating on a professional platform.

• Perspective No. 2: Ignorance to Messages


LinkedIn is one of the amazing professional platforms, helping you build good networks for a career. Also, it can help you find a dream job and show off your credentials. But wait; would people give you the chance for that? Well, you can definitely get the chance for it only if you get a response from the other side. Our Pakistani recruiters often do not reply back, not helping others in finding jobs. I am not talking about every recruiter, but most of them do not respond. Some of the disheartened people also shared their statuses.

Yes, what is the point when recruiters are not there to reply job seekers, back. No matter the answer is in negative or positive, recruiters should at least respond.

And here’s another one where a person is pointing out the recruiter for being ignorant.

Let’s just sum up about this perspective with this last illustration. I think they have explained it pretty well.

To all those who do not reply back, please people, realize the actual use of this networking platform and help people who require assistance, making the effective use of this forum.Here, I am talking about everyone, not just recruiters. Veterans should be helping beginners too.

• Perspective No. 3: Facebook Appeal


Have you noticed photos of flowers, cats, food, and other personal stuff? If so, then these hordes of posters with such photos are making LinkedIn look like Facebook. Isn’t it? If not now, then someday it will definitely turn into something similar. Unfortunately, this crap is now completely exploiting the core purpose of LinkedIn. Check out this good morning post. Does this have anything to do with your professional network? Not really.

Everyone feels bad for demises. But is this really the place to share your sorrows? Nah!

As per the Financial Backer of Facebook and Co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman stated that people should be posting their professional and business updates on LinkedIn while the personal updates should be posted on Facebook and the rest which lies in between should be updated on Twitter. With this statement, it is quite clear that such acts are not only common among Pakistani professionals, foreigners also misuse LinkedIn. Just remember, there should be a difference between both, your social life and professional life.

High Time: Get Professional!While I was too much into LinkedIn these days, I have been noticing these issues since months and thought to write about it. Unfortunately, some people misuse it in an unprofessional manner and think about finding love. Hence, they end up socially harassing ladies by sending them weird and annoying messages. Of course, many people use it the right way but all those people who think that it is marriage portal or dating site, need to reconsider it. They should understand and realize that LinkedIn is touted to be a platform helping you promote your forward-facing personal brand.

Additionally, one of the main reasons people get mad over is the no-response problem with recruiters and even their connections in the list. It is high time you should get professional and take your messages and connections seriously. Your help or guidance can assist job seekers in getting their dream job and opportunity they have been looking for. Lastly, you better not forget the difference between the two platforms.

Remember, LinkedIn is for the professional and business networking while Facebook is for friends and family. All in all, I just request to all of you to use LinkedIn professionally which is better for you as well as your connections. If you haven’t been using it wisely, take the plunge now. It’s never too late to get things straight. I think many of you will agree with these perspectives.

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