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Ariba2 weeks

Sadaf Kanwal’s Recent Shoot is Drawing a lot of Criticism BUT She gave the Perfect Answer!

The world is full of surprises! Not a single day goes without the internet entertaining us. Isn’t that true? Well, ...

Asia Iqbal3 weeks

Muniba Mazari Is Still The Iron Lady of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari, the Iron lady of Pakistan. Who doesn’t know her? She is not only well known in Pakistan but ...

Ariba1 month

Sanam Baloch and Hina Altaf’s Recent Instagram Pictures are Infuriating many People!

Winter is here and we can surely hear the wedding bells ringing, can you? The wedding shenanigans are in full ...

Soha Naveed2 months

All Hell Broke Loose after Iqra Aziz Posted her Latest Picture on Instagram!

Often you have seen articles with such titles and content where a female Pakistani entertainer becomes to target of “what’s ...

Sidra Jahangir4 months

Mahira Khan Controversy: Critics, Defenders and the Left overs – Where do you Belong?

Mahira Khan caught smoking and society turned into three categories, the critics a.k.a haters, the defenders a.k.a followers, and the ...

Urooj Gulamani4 months

Live Your Life to the Fullest because You Won’t Get a Second Chance

This world is full of characters where every human being is wearing happy face masks, faking smiles and trying way too ...

Sana Afra4 months

This Girl got Bashed on Social Media because She “Commented” on a Post!

One of the pages shared Malala Yousaf Zai’s picture with Priyanka Chopra; with a weird caption. I was going through ...

Anonymous4 months

A Girl was Shamelessly Harassed on Instagram for Pictures She had Never Sent

Yesterday, I got this weird text from a page on Instagram saying that they had my pictures. According to them, ...

Anonymous4 months

Dear Girls, DON’T Share ‘Private Photos’ No Matter How Sincere the Guy Is to You!

There’s a boy in your class that keeps looking at you. You’ve caught him looking at you a billion times. ...

Nida A. Naqvi5 months

Dear Men, Sending Pictures of Your ‘Private Parts’ Does NOT Prove Your Masculinity

The internet is filled with pornographic images, nude celebrities air-brushed and photoshopped to perfection. But I was privileged in receiving ...

Ayesha Naeem5 months

A Message For All The Girls Who Boast About Their ‘Great Life’ On Instagram

Sitting alone and thinking about my life makes me wonder have I done anything to be proud of myself? Nothing. ...

Ramsha Zia6 months

Here Are The Types Of Nincompoops You Meet On LinkedIn

Are you also one of those ladies whose inbox is mostly landed with flattering flirtations from strangers? Well, then you ...

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