Maya Ali calls out critics

‘Use Words Wisely’, Maya Ali Calls Out Critics For Harsh Reviews


No doubt critics play an important in building actors’ and artists’ reputations with their choice of words. But at some point, they even get harsh over the actor or actress’s performance which creates a negative image of that particular artist.

On that issue, Maya Ali who is one of the finest actors talked in her recent interview where she said that “Actors are sensitive” and called out critics for such harsh comments.

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Over the past years, critics have been consistently targeting Pakistani dramas for replicating the same plot over and over again.

Maya Ali raised valid points that highlight critics’ harsh reviews affect not only actors but also the people behind the camera.

Maya Ali Called Out Critics

Ali has developed a great reputation in the industry over the past decade and acted tremendously in various dramas as well as in movies as well.

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Maya Ali said that “they write their “harsh” reviews after a single episode, not even bothering to watch the entirety of the drama to understand the progression and the work that goes into making it.”

Maya Ali highlighted some of the biggest streaming giants like Netflix don’t always produce top-notch content and have the library of worst dramas as well.

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Maya then addressed drama critics by saying, “I have a request from you guys — when you give a review, you watch the first episode and give your verdict.

What turns the story will take but your judgment is here after the first episode.

Some so many actors feel this but don’t say anything. In winters, they’re spending nights shooting and in summers they’re doing the same under the scorching sunlight. I think it’s easy to sit in an air-conditioned room and give a review. “

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She even requested some empathy from the critic people, “If you do want to give us a review then work with us for 90 days and you’ll understand how a person is commuting from home and what kind of work they’re doing,” she remarked.

Choices of Words

Maya Ali then kind of diverted her view towards the positive criticism, but she put shed light on the choice of words. “I’m not saying that you guys spew negativity, many times it’s good things that we take up with our production [houses] saying.

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‘Look, people are not stupid, they have started to understand especially because of Netflix, etc so do better.’ But the words they use are very harsh, very harsh. I’m not only talking about you but others who don’t even know the r of review.”

Maya Ali has been in the limelight for her personal and professional lifestyle. Last year, it was rumored that she’s been married to Osman Khalid Butt which sparked the internet.

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