Lahore Court Declares That Meera has Been Married For Long And It Is Raising Many Questions


Lahore Court Declares That Meera has Been Married For Long And It Is Raising Many Questions


Meera Irtaza can be called as one of the most controversial people in Pakistan. She simply loves to stay in the headlines. There can’t be a month which goes without Meera’s name on the screens with something either extremely funny or extremely graphic! Well, Meera’s English is just world famous. Even if you go meet the Queen, she too will definitely know about the charchay Meera’s English has spread. Remember the (in)famous video in which she was interviewing Tapu Javeri, the famous fashion photographer and she asked him multiple questions about his “fatograpy”? If you have missed the video you need to watch this!

Recently, news of the long-forgotten case where a businessman, Attiq ur Rehman claimed to be the husband of Meera Irtaza lodged a case against her has resurfaced the news channels and social media. But Meera denied all the claims and said that she was actually married to Captain Naveed, with whom she had the scandalous video that went viral all over the internet.

So, the court declared that the documents presented by Mr. Attique have proven to be original and valid

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The family court in Lahore hosted the case where the judge, Baber Nadeem heard the testimony from the nikkahkhuwan, Ahmed Ali Sajid who reiterated the nikkah between Meera and Attique in the presence of witnesses.

After which, the matter that came to question was her current marriage!

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So if the nikkah documents presented by Mr. Attique ur Rehman prove to be true and there really was a nikkah that took place, how come she is married to Captain Naveed then? How did she even get married to him without ending the first marriage?

Here’s what people have to say about it on Twitter!

8 years back when Attique ur Rehman filed a case against Meera for marrying Captain Naveed without ending the first marriage, Meera filed the case on Attique for faking the whole marriage case for ruining her reputation.

Well, she seems to be in deep waters now! What do you guys think?

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