Meera Talks About Mean Comments She Gets

Meera Talks About Mean Comments She Gets


Meera, also known as Syeda Irtiza Rubab, began her career when she was just a young teenager. She quickly became a beloved actress and starred in many popular films. Meera even appeared in a few Bollywood movies, expanding her work to the neighboring industry. Since then, she has consistently remained in the spotlight.

Meera is often involved in controversies, garnering her the title of Pakistan’s controversy queen. Over the years, she has faced a lot of negative comments and trolling on social media. During a recent appearance on Sahiba Rambo’s podcast, Meera shared her thoughts on dealing with these hurtful comments.

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She acknowledged that it’s impossible to please everyone and mentioned that she receives unpleasant remarks on social media. However, Meera expressed that she has grown accustomed to it. She shared that she intentionally surrounds herself with people who are not part of the media or social media, maintaining a distance from the negativity.

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