#CrushUpdated: Mehwish Hayat Thinks Ertugrul Ghazi's Lead Actor Is 'Pretty Hot'


mehwish hayat and ertugrul

#CrushUpdated: Mehwish Hayat Thinks Ertugrul Ghazi’s Lead Actor Is ‘Pretty Hot’


Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has found a new crush in the form of new social media sensation Engin Altan Düzyatan. The actor who has become an instant hit in Pakistan after appearing in a Turkish drama series ‘Dirilis Ertugral’.

Well, Duzyatan has become a new crush for many Pakistani fans as well. Since the drama has hit the Pakistani TV screens it is getting immense popularity across the country. However, many celebrities including Shaan Shahid, Reema, and Yasir Hussain also raised their concerns regarding airing foreign dramas on Pakistan national television PTV.

mehwish hayat ertugrul

Hayat took to Twitter to share her take on the Dirilus Ertugrul. “I don’t know what the fuss is all abt? At the end of the day, let’s accept Dirilis Ertugrul for what it is. It is an educational drama series which has historical significance & great moral lessons. I think Engin Altan Düzyatan is pretty hot. A bit like Leonardo Di Caprio no?” she asked on Twitter. 

The lead actors of the Turkish drama series is also grabbing limelight these days. Their personal lives are also making headlines with each passing day. The actors have also responded to the love they are receiving from Pakistan.

mehwish hayat ertugrul

The drama series is getting famous by leaps and bounds across the sub-continent.  Several Islamic scholars have also posed Fatwas against the series. However, a popular religious scholar Dr. Zakir Naik has said that watching Dirilis Ertugral is way better than watching any Hollywood and Bollywood films.


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