My Son Received "Glowing Behavior Award" From Pre-School, Here Is What I Want All The Mothers To Know!


My Son Received “Glowing Behavior Award” From Pre-School, Here Is What I Want All The Mothers To Know!


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In the world of today, as I come across various people, people of different mindsets, weird ideologies, male dominance and so much more, I do not expect just very high grades from my child or extraordinary academic performance… maybe those things don’t hold much value for me today, this is because of all I have seen in these some close to three decades I have spent in this world.

I guess what really matters is ethics, humanity, behavior with others, being respectful and deserving the respect from others! Today, as I went to my son’s preschool to collect his final assessment, the packet was filled with a lot of awards and certificates. Some relating to academics, some relating to co-curricular, but there was one which was named “GLOWING BEHAVIOR”.

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My husband, seeing me so overwhelmed said that they might have given all these to everyone but what I knew was that this is what I want to see in him as a constant. I want him to have this glowing behavior as he grows up, average students, good students below average students almost all reach somewhere. All can earn, depending on the opportunities they get but if they can’t bring the glow in themselves, everything goes to waste.

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Education is primary, and if children go to academically good schools, they tend to achieve some decent qualification and also earn pretty fairly but not all can have a glow in their personalities that can bring joy to others.

I wish after many years, my son also gets this certificate. And I specifically wish he gets this from his wife also *giggles*. Because that is what my true achievement will be. If you can keep another human who is not related to you in blood but holds a relation far greater than that in peace and harmony, with love and respect, that is where a mother succeeds in raising his son!

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