Actress Nadia Jamil Requests for Prayers as She Gets 17 Seizures In 3 Days


It’s always distressing when the news of someone close to us is in pain or suffering from a chronic disease. Even the thought of it would make us uncomfortable and worrisome. Many Pakistani celebrities, unfortunately, are diagnosed with chronic diseases that would make any person want to sympathize with them.

Even for fans and followers of famous celebrities, it becomes difficult to find their stars having to put up with the pain and struggle of chronic diseases. Pakistani actress, Nadia Jamil is currently battling a brain tumor. As Nadia has been very active on social media, she has been constantly updating her fans and followers about her health.

On 1st May 2017, Nadia took to Twitter her health condition and requested her fans and followers to pray for her. Ever since Nadia has found about her disease, she has been very vocal about it and keeps updating her followers. That shows how much they mean to her.

Here’s what she tweeted:

Please pray for me my loving family. 17 seizures in three days. My body feels like a cabbage. But I believe in the power of prayer & need to be up and about and running around after this bout of treatment! This is the night to ask. In this stillness I can already feel the peace

And her fans showered her with their love and beautiful duas<3





This was very sweet!



Two days later, Nadia thanked her followers as she was feeling a little better

Despite being in so much pain and fighting the battle, Nadia stood strong and had a beautiful message for everyone out there…

And finally, she shared a good news with everyone! She was HOMEEEE!

What more?

Nadia’s recent tweet! <3

Here’s what she tweeted:

Stepped out today & what a blessing it was 2 breathe fresh air. Breathing still not normal,but Dr has given me some great techniques 2 breath better. Back 2 Doc 2morrow & Alhamdolillah 4 today! Rabrakhaa my lovelies!Hope you find adorable ducks & a beautiful loving tree like mine

We wish Nadia the best of health and hope she is cured. May Allah bless her with a healthy life and takes all her pain and sufferings away.

Get well soon, Nadia! <3

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