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Afroz SyedMay 28, 2018

On World Multiple Sclerosis Day, You Need To Know This!

World Multiple Sclerosis Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May every year. This year, World Multiple Sclerosis day ...

FarwaMay 9, 2018

9 Feminine Hygiene Tips That You Should Really Start Practicing

It has been said right that beauty doesn’t come with the trendy or stylish ensembles, it always comes from inside. ...

AribaMay 5, 2018

Actress Nadia Jamil Requests for Prayers as She Gets 17 Seizures In 3 Days

It’s always distressing when the news of someone close to us is in pain or suffering from a chronic disease. ...

Mahnoor AslamFebruary 26, 2018

Here’s All You Need to Know About Vaginal Infection and How It can Turn Fatal

Vaginal yeast infection is actually caused by a bacteria Candida albicans. Some way or the other, all women have been ...

AribaFebruary 8, 2018

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Uterine Fibroids!

What are Fibroids? Fibroids are defined as abnormal/non-cancerous growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. At times, the ...

Sheza AshrafJanuary 21, 2018

Here’s the Hidden Secret of Feminine Hygiene Products Most Women don’t know

Out of those trillions of feminine product hitting the market each day, hardly three of them make it to the ...

AribaJanuary 18, 2018

Avoiding these 5 Food Items will help you Reverse Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS, PCOS, PCOS…Polycystic Ovary Syndrome has become a very popular disease among. PCOS causes to gain weight and high insulin levels ...

Fatima NazDecember 28, 2017

A Quick Guide On How Mothers Can Talk To Their Daughters About Periods

Having ”The Talk” about periods with your daughter can be quiet scary but the sooner you do it, the better ...

Fizza BatoolDecember 26, 2017

5 Simple Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Within 30 Days

Belly fat is more than just a nuisance which makes your clothes feel tight. Fat inside the belly area is ...

AribaDecember 19, 2017

Vaginal Yeast Infection is Terrible and here’s what you didn’t know about it!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word ‘Infection’ is OUCH and PAINFUL. Okay, for ...

Fatima NazDecember 17, 2017

Here’s how Chocolate affects your Menstrual Cycle

It’s that time of the month again and you are bloated, having cramps, got mood swings, headaches, fatigue, irritability, depression, ...

AribaOctober 20, 2017

This Girl Went from Flab to Fit In Just 5 Months and her Story Is So Inspiring!

Being bullied in school, college, and the university is pretty uncool. Growing up in a society where people judge you ...

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