Stand-Up Comedian, Natalia Gul Jilani Leaves Social Media After Her Skit On Sindhis Backfires


Social media can be very unpredictable. It has the power to ruin someone’s reputation or make someone a star. Literally! At times, the situation can be life-threatening where people can even receive death threats and make life a living hell.

Recently, Natalia Gul Jilani was targeted for her performance in which she talked about Sindhi community (being a Sindh herself) in a lighthearted manner. This video which got seriously viral backfired badly and many Sindhi folks got offended and that’s when the stand-up comedian, Natalia, started receiving death threats and hate on social media.

Later, the video ‘Sindhi Encyclopedia’ posted by a Facebook page ‘The Circus’ was taken down and both the page and the comedian issued a clarification for this matter.

 The Circus released an official statement regarding the whole which said:

Facebook / The Circus

Here’s Natalia’s video where she apologized to all Sindhis

Natalia says:

 “I am doing this because I am receiving life threats and my family is really concerned about me,” she said while talking about the name calling she has received ever since the video went viral.”

And on Twitter as well…

Many celebrities also stepped forward supporting Natalia in this fiasco…

Ali Gul Pir was there too…

Here’s what Fifi Haroon to say

Sanam Marvi, a Sindhi folk singer, also called her out on it:


However, all of this led Natalia to deactivate her Facebook, make her Instagram private for security purposes until things settle down a bit.

We hope those who got offended accept her apology. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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