Navin Waqar Talks About Marriage and Divorce

Navin Waqar Talks About Marriage and Divorce


Navin Waqar, the actress, radio host, and video jockey, recently chatted about relationships and breakups on a podcast. You might know her from her role as Sara in the famous show Humsafar.

Navin talked about how her personality changed after her breakup with Azfar Ali, whom she was married to before. She now finds it hard to trust people and wants them to prove their loyalty before letting them into her life.

During the podcast, Navin also discussed important things to watch out for in a relationship. According to her, respect is the most crucial aspect. If someone doesn’t respect you, they won’t truly love you. She emphasized that she prefers learning from the first mistake rather than letting it happen repeatedly.

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Addressing the topic of divorce in Pakistan, Navin mentioned the social taboo surrounding it. Some people hide their divorce and pretend everything is fine for years. Navin admitted she has never openly talked about her own divorce and doesn’t plan to in the future because it goes against her values.

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