A Nurse from Karachi Ran Away to Marry The Love Of Her Life And The Internet Is A Little Too Interested!


A Nurse from Karachi Ran Away to Marry The Love Of Her Life And The Internet Is A Little Too Interested!


There are some iconic love stories that manage to get our attention every time we see them on the internet. Why? Because only a few manage to dare and challenge the societal norms by going against the wishes to marry someone who they actually love.

We have the issues of caste, race, age, financial well-being and various more that has caused frictions between two people who love each other and wish to marry one another. However, only a few are daring to take it to the next step. This nurse from Karachi is one of them.

A Nurse from Karachi Went Missing a Few Days Ago And Was Said to Have Escaped the City to Marry the Love of her Life

Khushbakht, who was working in Saifee Hospital, Karachi went missing a few days ago and everyone on social media was sharing her pictures. According to a number of posts, it was stated that she has been kidnapped while the locals urged Karachi police to locate her. On the other hand, social media users shared Saifee Hospital’s complete silence over the matter, insinuating something odd.

However, it turns out that Khushbakht ran away from her own will. In the videos and the news from police that has now surfaced on social media, Khushbakht and her husband Qurban reveal that they escaped the city on 3rd January and married each other on 4th January, 2019. Khushbakht shared that this was entirely her decision and she was not forced to marry Qurban.

Here’s a Clip from her Confession

Husband Qurban is also sitting next to her while sharing this was their decision. Khushbakht further shared she would not be willing to go back to her parents now.

And Here’s One More Clip of her Interview

It Was the Karachi Police Who Found her In Order to Know Whether She Is Safe or Not

Well, let’s hope the daring Khushbakht remains happy with this marriage and her family accepts this and moves on with the decision.
All the best wishes to Khushbakht and her husband on this upcoming new chapter!

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