[POEM] - An Ode Of Love by a Single Mother


[POEM] – An Ode Of Love by a Single Mother


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It reminds me of my past fate,

The rush of love I have for you,

Overweighs the pain I feel seeing you,

Your eyes remind me of someone,

A person whom I thought was ‘the one’,

You are a living shred of my bitter past,

Like a tiny piece of a broken glass,

Source: HTV

I still remember that fateful day,

When drowned in sadness I threw my past reminders away,

The wedding gifts and my beautiful shelter,

Came crumbling down by just a mere court letter,

Source: KA-Chemsto

Tears streamed as I happily detached,

From things associated with my past facade,

You! My Darling, however, are the only memoir,

That I treasure and not regard as a blunder,

Because only a mother can cherish your existence,

Despite the haunted past that flashes with your presence!

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