Punjab University Students are Sending out a Message they Want the World to Know!


Punjab University Students are Sending out a Message they Want the World to Know!


Feminism – a term which is perhaps the most misinterpreted term. It is that term which women all around the world need. In the ancient times, baby girls were buried alive right after they were born. While the conditions may not be as severe as they were back then, inequality still exists.

Coming out of our social media screens and privileged lives exist those women who are denied their basic rights. The ‘weaker’ sex goes through a lot – in Pakistan as well, believe it or not. Be it educated or uneducated, the patriarchy society embedded deeply has ruined the lives of many.

Feminism is a broad term – people choose their own ways of showing the battle they are fighting. A different way is what the Anarcho Feminists from Punjab University chose to send out a message to the Jamiyat of the university. To send a message, these angry, frustrated students painted graffiti on the walls of the university.

Here’s What they Wrote on the Walls

“Aurat kya maange? Azaadi!”

“Only women can liberate this world”

“Kya aurat azaad hai?”

In Punjab University!

The Anarcha Feminists responsible for this shared with Parhlo that this was done on the walls of Punjab University’s underpass. “You know Jamiat is very strong and it’s beyond them to tolerate such a stuff on walls. So they removed all of this the very next morning.” – said one of the members of Anarcho Feminist.

The Jamiat in Punjab University is known for torturing both, male and female students. They like to keep their territory and punish people who break it. Female students are victimized mostly. Given what happens, the frustrated students took their stance to send out this message!

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