Rehma Zaman's Insights into the World of Dramas

Rehma Zaman’s Insights into the World of Dramas


Rehma Zaman, a fresh face in the drama scene, initially began her journey in modeling before venturing into dramas. She recently caught everyone’s attention with her performance in Mannat Murad, earning praise for her energy, appearance, and on-screen presence. Interestingly, Rehma is not just an actress; she’s also a national-level athlete, excelling in High Jump and Badminton for Pakistan. Despite her international representation for the country in sports, she shifted towards entertainment due to challenging conditions in the sports field.

Sharing her experiences as a newcomer on Fuchsia, Rehma discussed the hurdles she faced. She disclosed encounters with actors who discouraged her by questioning the sustainability of playing side roles. According to her, these concerns could be conveyed more positively, but the industry’s tone hasn’t always been supportive.


Rehma also observed a trend where individuals with impolite behavior tend to secure better roles and more opportunities, while those with good manners often find themselves sidelined. She shared her personal experience of facing this situation.

In offering advice to others, Rehma emphasized the importance of distancing oneself from toxic influences. Encouraging people to surround themselves with positivity, she urged them to avoid individuals who bring negativity and strive to pull them down.

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