Sanam Baloch Interviews the Newly-Wed Trio from Multan in the Most Awkward Way and People are not having it at all


So, we recently came across the story where a young guy in Multan married a girl and later, the girl who simply couldn’t live without her best friend, asked her to marry her husband so that they could all live together. Well, it’s hard to let it all sink in, but this literally happened. We know that we don’t come across such stories every other day, but when we do, it leaves us in a state of wonder and makes us question, why?

However, after this story surfaced the internet, social media went into meltdown and the audience simply did not approve of it because the girls somehow went against the will of their families which led them to file a complaint against the teenage guy. Despite knowing the fact that a lot of people considered it to be wrong on so many levels, famous Pakistani TV host and actress, Sanam Baloch, invited the newly-wed trio to her show on ‘The Morning Show’ and interviewed them.

Here’s the video:

علینہ نے اپنے شوہر فراز سے اپنی کزن علشبہ کی شادی کروانے کی وجہ بتا دی

علینہ نے اپنے شوہر فراز سے اپنی کزن علشبہ کی شادی کروانے کی وجہ بتا دی

Posted by ARY Tube on Sunday, January 7, 2018

Now, what’s truly appalling is that since many people follow these shows religiously, media should play its constructive role in building a mature society and discuss things that are helpful to the people out there. This clearly shows how media is encouraging young ones to take this path and follow what they show on daily basis just for the sake of TRP. What they fail to understand is that they also have a younger audience that is watching these shows.

It’s time they look into other aspects of the society and set examples rather than showcasing stories that would encourage the audience to go beyond the religious and cultural values. What’s your take on this? Do you think the girls were right on their part to marry a guy against their parents’ will? Was it right for Sanam to call the newly-wed trio to her show and portray them the way she did? Let us know in the comments below.

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