Meet Sarah Shakeel - A Pakistani Dentist Who Turned Her Career Into Crystals And Is Now A Renowned Instagram Artist!


Meet Sarah Shakeel – A Pakistani Dentist Who Turned Her Career Into Crystals And Is Now A Renowned Instagram Artist!


It takes courage to have a career switch, I mean not everyone can be certain that whether they’ll succeed in the following profession or not. Although, this bold girl – Sara Shakeel bid farewell to her medical career and turned into a glitter artist. Her work is downright stunning and inspiring. Shakeel’s GlitterStretchmark campaign really garnered her popularity among the masses and some reputable brands.


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We all have our“Silver Lining“ some show some don’t ….. ? #glitterstretchmarks . . Guys I have made a page @glitterstretchmarks , I am thinking of dedicating it to all of you girlies , boys well anyone who wants to share their scars, stretchmarks and well anything they might think can be “ highlighted” with crystals glitter and what not! A happy community of all of us together sharing our stories though art!!!! You can send me your pictures and I’ll create art out of you! What do you say! . . Update : our first story on @glitterstretchmarks has been uploaded! Go have a read and spread some love ✨✨✨✨✨ . CollageArt SaraShakeel . . #art #arte #collageart #silver #silverlining #body #bodyart #bodypositive #crystalart #positivity #vision #loveyourself #color #body

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This Pakistani-dentist-turned-artist is like a digital magician who just adds diamonds and shiny things to absolutely anything and makes that something astonishing. Her work was shared by an international airline “Emirates” on their official Instagram account as well.

In an interview with Forbes, Shakeel said, “Crystals and diamonds are my mediums of looking through this world! Bright, shiny, valuable and something to be taken care of, you must have noticed how I add crystals and diamonds to the most ordinary objects of everyday life. For example, while junk food is one of my favorite things, I have to control myself, so once in a while when I eat a burger or fries, I see them as being holy, shining and ready to be savored.”

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?x? #McCrystals . . So for the past 2 -3 years I’ve gained a lot of weight, no particular reason except that I used to eat non -stop! Maybe because of the pressure of medical studies (college environment) and the whole process of stressing myself to a point where eating used to make me feel happy and at ease, tho Long gone are those days and I enjoy every single moment of my life, the addiction of eating has not gone! ? So these days I am trying to avoid food as much as I can! Lol I mean pasta and carbs ( not starving just learning to eat clean) I swear been a smoker for 5 years straight and I left it within a day! I remember that was tough, but not having ???????is TOUGHER lol so yeah just trying to fill my stomach through my art ?✨??? and trying to fight the addiction as much as I can! Urgh! Amazing how a human mind works! . . . CollageArt SaraShakeel . . . #art #collageart #artwork #diamond #crystals #story #artist #vision #patience #habit #addiction #food #friday #weekend #workhard #harder #arte #mcdonalds?

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Sara currently has 614k followers on her Instagram, and she resides in Pakistan. Shakeel creates eye-catching images, using photoshop to apply crystals, glitter, rainbows and diamonds and that too without any formal training. She creates according to her vision, adding layers where she feels inspired to do so and there’s no doubt that she really does an excellent job!

So, whether it’s McDonald’s fries, Starbucks coffee or even a toilet paper – with her skills and imagination, Sara turns everything into a live fairy-tale kinda image that’s filled with the right amount of bling and shine. Like Cinderella’s gown?

Makes sense?! Eh?


The woman is flooded with talent which led her to appear for an interview with Forbes (making us Pakistanis proud) and we’ve just randomly picked some of her work which we absolutely fell in love with!

Such a treat to the eyes!

Who would count calories when the food looks that pretty?

Isn’t this just breathtaking!

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Waiting for my Ride ? . . So Ladies & Gentlemen , I am officially flying to #milan to fall in love with #art #culture #italy to witness the love #glamourtalentawards has to offer ! I have to remind myself & all of you again and again, This all happened cause some of you prayed & some sent love ? to the universe & God just had to make it happen!! Just an ordinary big eyed – hopeful artist trying to live the best out of the world has to offer! Love you and thank you!!! Can’t wait to share everything with you all! . . . P.s I got a freaking upgrade to #milano !!!! . . . #art #artwork #collageart #artist #vision #fly #high #flying #godisgreat #pink #clouds #hope #lovemyjob #plane #emirates #flyhigh #arte #crystalart #crystalartwork #travel #travelphotography #blog

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Only if the coffee was this dang nice!

So, wrapping up the entire debate, Sara Shakeel herself is a work of art and a digi-sensation who knows how to add that certain amount of oomph to your regular, just another object in daily life. Let us know if there’s something more you’d like to add to this story in the comments section!

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