Trolled Or Escaping From Reality? Shahroz & Sadaf Turn Off Insta Comments


Celebrities are the eye beholders and the public loves to keep in touch with the lives of their favorite celebs here and there. Especially when it comes to their love interests.

Speaking of love, it is a bittersweet feeling especially when one throws celebrities in the mix – Shahroz and Sadaf’s secret wedding has been the talk of the town recently.

Ever since the wedding pictures were posted, and their marriage was announced on social media. Fans have been angry, disappointed, and rueful with the news.

Criticism turned to controversies and the nation here again divided into two parties. One supporting the couple while the other calling ex-wife Syra Yousuf a queen.

From calling Sadaf a homewrecker, the situation turned worst when people started to bash Shahroz for being a hypocrite.

Ironic memes did rounds on Twitter as people mocked the newly married couple.

To prevent hate comments the newly married couple has now made their accounts private by switching off comments. Sadaf has been quick to hide the comments and switch off all the modes through which people could bash her.

The question is whether her stance could ever be seen as something positive? Would she ever be known for more than a homewrecker in the eyes of Pakistanis? One thing is for sure it’s a whirlwind, and quite a twisted take on a perfect fairytale.

Cheating on someone is as bad as it could get, it is immoral and unfair. What Shahroz and Sadaf did to Syra is indeed disturbing. It is fascinating to see how Syra handled the situation.

What one can say about their stance on switching off comments pretty much sends a clear message, they simply don’t care.


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