Viral Photoshoot Of Pakistani Tiktoker Shahtaj Khan Got Leaked


You all thought that Hareem Shah was dominating the internet with her controversies, but guess what a bold star has emerged.

Shahtaj Khan leaked a photoshoot circulating all over the internet with no filter and crossing every limit of boldness.

Such photos reminded us of Veena Malik’s magazine shoot that happened a long time ago, the internet sensation warmed the environment with her hot photoshoot.

Shahtaj Khan is a TikToker known for her viral videos. But who thought she would cross every boundary to become a scandal instead of viral?

There’s no doubt in the current timeline, the internet has given the liberty to anyone to become famous and capture everyone’s attention. Shahtaj surely captivates young blood out there with her bold pictures.

Shahtaj Khan Leaked Photoshoot

Tiktoker shahtaj khan" image uploaded on July 23, 2020, 2:06 p.m. | Damadam

She is not an ordinary internet celebrity, she’s on TikTok with over 3.3 million followers and that’s what makes her an internet sensation.

She’s also highly active on her Instagram account with 2 million followers. She has always been grabbing attention via her TikTok videos numerous times.

But for the past few hours, she has become a big scandal all over the internet since her photos leaked on social media. Everyone searches for her photos and shares them over the internet.

Shahtaj Khan made a sizzling bold statement with her latest photoshoot, which became the talk of the town.

In the viral images, Shahtaj can be seen being seductive and creative with her pose. She even shot top nude photos that got more attention as well.

Netizens Slam & Her Explicit Photos

Shahtaj Khan official - YouTube

No doubt, her photoshoot didn’t impress netizens and they have slammed her on social media. They have accused her of breaching the line between empowerment and indecency.

As per Shahtaj, such nude photos of her expressed self-expression and artistic freedom. Her nude photos are extremely loud and roaring over the internet.

A few months ago, Hareem Shah leaked videos viral on social media and became a big controversy. But looks like Shahtaj has beaten her this time.

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