Shazeal Shoukat Faces Backlash for Language Confession Urdu Proficiency Debate

Shazeal Shoukat Faces Backlash for Language Confession: Urdu Proficiency Debate


Shazeal Shoukat, a rising Pakistani actress known for her roles in popular dramas, including “Pakeeza Puphoo” and “Nisa – Farz,” recently sparked controversy during an appearance on Momin Saqib’s show Had Kardi. When asked about her most embarrassing moment, Shoukat admitted, “I get embarrassed when I don’t speak Urdu correctly. Yeah, man, I feel very embarrassed. I don’t feel good when I speak Urdu like that.”

This clip from the show circulated on TikTok, where users trolled Shazeal Shoukat for flexing about not knowing Urdu, and fans criticized Momin Saqib’s response, saying, “Urdu is just another language; it’s a way to communicate (don’t feel embarrassed about not knowing it).” One fan replied, “It is not just another language; it is our national language.” Some labeled Shazeal Shoukat a “Bunkabab,” with one social media user commenting, “She doesn’t know Urdu, and she is also struggling with her English accent.”

The controversy has sparked a debate on social media, with users expressing their opinions on language proficiency and the significance of Urdu as Pakistan’s national language.

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